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This is how you REALLY let go

“For a star to be born,

there is one thing that

must happen: a gaseous

nebula must collapse.


So collapse.

This in not your


This is your birth.”

 ~ Noor 

Life offers up lots of challenges, especially emotional ones. For many, letting go can be one of the hardest things we can ever face;  when our children grow up and embark on their own life journey, the end of a relationship we thought was forever or when death, life’s final milestone, takes someone we love. There are many events in life that have a profound effect on each of us and of which we struggle to let go of.

Why should we learn to let go?
Failing to let go of something negative that holds you in a grip is tantamount to sentencing yourself to suffering. If we can manage to acknowledge a pain and in turn accept it, we can therefore set it - and ourselves - free. Letting go does not mean forgetting, but rather, honouring the journey of life.

Follow these steps to consciously decide to let go, in order to set yourself free of whatever is holding you back:
  1. Awareness. We can’t let anything go if we don’t first discover what the pain point is. Begin by setting yourself in a shroud of support and security by spraying the I AM… Supported essence from my Letting Go Kit around the crown of your head. Then ask yourself, the experience I must let go of, what does it look like? How does it feel? Does it manifest as a place, memory or person? When we become aware we can observe which is the basis for all meditation.

  2. Acknowledge.One of the most important steps in letting go and one which many of us forget is simply allowing your experience to exist. In fact, welcome your experience with open arms. When we acknowledge and allow, the emotion attached shifts from fear to love.

  3. Acceptance. Roll the Large Intestine and Lung Meridian blends over the acupressure points on the body to help you surrender and accept your experience. Perhaps the most difficult step, if you find it hard to accept your experience, start sending it love and allow yourself to stop fighting it. With love and acceptance, it will eventually tire and dissolve into the past.

  4. Release. Interestingly, it is often not the actual experience itself that is the root problem, but the embellished story we have built around it. Eliminate a bulk of the pain by releasing the story around it. Strip it back to the raw essence and say goodbye to all the energy spent on maintaining the facade.
Simply repeat these steps as often or as many times as necessary until your experience is finally ready to be let go. For heartbreak, grief or any negative influence holding you in a grip, there’s simply no use in holding onto it. It’s time to say goodbye.
Lot’s of love and light,
Rach xo