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Frequently Asked Questions

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of pure and natural essential oils. These oils are concentrated extracts from flowers, plants, trees, shrubs, resins and seeds. Essential oils are not only aromatic but are known for their healing properties, promoting physiological, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

When applied topically, the Essential oils absorb into the skin thus penetrating the skin surface and entering the bloodstream. This action promotes healing properties to work inside as well as out.
Inhaling essential oils can have many positive effects on the body, mind and spirit. As you inhale, particles of the essential oils travel down the windpipe and enter the lungs which then carry into the blood stream allowing the healing properties to take effect. It also takes just a few seconds for scent to have an effect on the limbic system, part of the brain that is also known as the “emotional brain” where we contain our stored memories and emotions. This also connects to the parts of the brain that controls blood pressure, heart rate, stress levels, hormone balance and breathing. Essential oils can have a powerful effect on our emotional state assisting movement to a positive mindset and encourage health and wellbeing.

All Hanako blends are bathed in Mantra during the process of making right up until the seal of the finished product. By the use of harmonious, uplifting and elevating words, the blends capture the sound vibration, research has also shown that through the use of positive words the molecular structure of water is changed.  Each blend is infused and sealed with a different Mantra that is in congruence with the healing properties of the oils and essences used, helping to add to the all over subtle energetic lift. “As you vibrate, the universe vibrates with you” ~Yogi Bhajan

Acupressure is one of the oldest alternative healing practises, originating in the Far East. Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine there are 12 main lines of energy – or qi – that flow within our energy anatomy called the ‘Meridian System’. According to this philosophy, when one stimulates these acupoints (specific points) it encourages correct and harmonious flow of qi. This helps in alleviating pain, stress and tension, and provides support to the body organs and systems, bringing an all over balance to the body, mind and spirit.

The term affirmation comes from the Latin word “affirmare” meaning “ , to assert positively.” Research indicates we have over 50,000 thoughts per day and 80% of this is negative. Affirmations create conscious control of our thoughts, using short, positive statements that are spoken silently or aloud. This supports to restructure and rewire the brain, assisting in breaking the patterns of negative thinking and promoting the process of healthy change. What we think we become..... Positive mind, positive vibes, positive life.

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