A transformative journey for the skin and soul.

Earth conscious, natural skincare to revive and revitalise the skin and senses – a luxurious sanctuary for the mind, body and spirit. 

Imbued with the ancient principles of aromatherapy and plant wisdom to activate cellular beauty from within.


We believe in the transportive nature of scent and use rare essential oils, botanical essences, and crystal waters - uniquely blended to connect to memory, embrace exploration, and excite the mind. A slow infusion of deep floral and resinous aromas to activate the eternal love within.


We encourage you to take time for yourself and connect with nature through the power of ritual.

Cleansed by water, we begin anew. Grounded by earth, we feel connected.

Handcrafted in small batches in Australia.

Free shipping in Australia on all orders over $50

Organic Wattle Seed Body Scrub

$39.95 AUD

Organic Wattle Body Seed Scrub Cleanse. Renew. Hydrate. Revive body, mind and spirit with Organic Wattle Seed Body Scrub. A delicious invigorating body scrub using Australian Native Flora of ground wattle seeds, organic raw sugar,...

Organic Flow Body Oil

$39.95 AUD

A tonic for the body; a sweet serenade for your sacred skin. This beloved elixir is as nourishing and life-giving as sunshine itself. She truly is a golden superfood smoothie for the skin that will...

Restore Face Serum

$34.95 AUD

Purify. Replenish. Regenerate. This sumptuous elixir of organic pure plant botanicals and 100% pure essential oils is the deep drink your skin is thirsting for. Her golden, silken texture saturates skin in an abundance of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to intensely...

Facial Massage Duo: Jade Roller & Gua Sha

$39.95 AUD

Rose Quartz Jade Roller & Gua Sha Facial Massage Duo There's something beautifully meditative and deeply soul-cleansing about turning your skincare routine into a sacred ritual. And once crystal facial tools enter the picture? Transformative. This Rose...

Rose Quartz Gua Sha Beauty Contour Tool

$19.95 AUD

A facial contour tool to relieve tension and improve microcirculation. Our luxurious Rose Quartz Gua Sha is a beautiful addition to your self-care routine to help sculpt and contour for a more lifted, youthful and radiant complexion. Used for...

Rose Quartz Jade Face Roller

$26.95 AUD

Elevate your Hanako skincare ritual with this beautiful Rose Quartz Facial Roller.  Designed to fit the contours of your face, Jade Roller can be used either solo as a massage tool or after applying facial oil/serum to...

Pink Clay Mask

$34.95 AUD

Hanako's Pink Clay Mask  For a limited time, receive a free Hanako Mask Brush valued at $14.95 with all Face Mask orders Let the skin detox begin with this gentle yet powerful combination of raw...

Green Clay Mask

$34.95 AUD

Hanako's Green Clay Mask  A powerful detoxifying mask for the face and body. Slather yourself and feel the deep pull of toxins and positively charged impurities releasing into the negatively charged clays. While the pure...

Face Mask Brush

$14.95 AUD

Hanako's Face Mask Brush Apply a face mask with ease.  Features long tapered vegan & cruelty free bristles to ensure an even application over the whole face. Pairs perfectly with our Pink & Green Clay Masks. ...

Organic Rose Water Toner

$29.95 AUD

Refresh. Hydrate. Restore Carefully formulated using Bulgarian organic roses, this gentle yet sublime hydrating rose water will help to soothe, tone and revitalise the skin. A gentle spritz morning and night helps to retain moisture...


$14.95 AUD

Rise, refresh and revitalise skin and spirit using our Activated Charcoal Sea Salt Soap Bar. Each handcrafted bar of soap is made using only the highest quality of ingredients and organic where possible. All ingredients...

Classic Soap Pack

$42.00 AUD

Try all three of our new delicious soaps this holiday.  Each handcrafted bar of soap is made using only the highest quality of ingredients and organic where possible. All ingredients are renewable and biodegradable. Rise,...


$14.95 AUD

Fresh, invigorating and calming, Hanako’s gentle exfoliation Bar gives harmony to the whole being. Each bar of handcrafted  soap is made using only the highest quality of ingredients and organic where possible. All ingredients are...


$14.94 AUD

Creamy, calming, soothing and gentle, Hanako’s Soothe soap bar comforts and nourishes skin, mind and spirit. Each bar of handcrafted soap is made using only the highest quality of ingredients and organic where possible. All...