Welcome! My name is Rachel Holm, the founder of Hanako Therapies.

We are constantly in a state of ebb and flow. Our breath, the ocean, the universe, our energy… everything breaths, every living thing contracts and expands and is in a constant state of change. So is life really about balance or really about finding our inner peace amongst the chaos?

Inspiration for Hanako’s growth and expansion has been through life’s events and its constant state of ebb and flow and finding tools to use and draw upon to maintain this space. 

Being drawn to the beauty and energy of nature is what started Hanako (Hanako means Flower Child in Japanese). I am so in awe of the way nature shifts my energy, how it shows non-resistance in the change of the seasons, how it grows ever so patiently, how it surrenders and lets go when overcome by bigger things, and how it heals as it needs to heal. Capturing this powerful energy in a bottle and our products along with my Energetic Healing background was the organic driving force behind the how and why our little company started. I wanted to create sacred blends for all different states of being to help uplift, inspire, support and balance those in need. A return to nature which makes you return to yourself. 

Return Home To Yourself

The intention of each blend is to help you on your path and journey in life, wherever you may be.  

Sometimes life is beautiful and appears to be perfect, other times it cracks and the emotions are so churned that it is hard to stay calm. 

Be with yourself, stay with yourself and don’t give up on yourself. 

Work with the energy, find tools that help draw it out, shine the light and then raise the vibration. 

I hope the love, energy and soul that goes into each and every blend can help shift and pivot some emotions for you, if nothing else it will help you take a mindful breath, anchor in, bring a smile to the face and of course smell pretty, or earthy, or citrusy or sexy. Whichever one you are drawn to., I hope you enjoy your Hanako Therapies experience.

About Hanako Therapies

Hanako Therapies offers a range of Australian made organic essential oils and aromatherapy tools, crystal-infused blends, natural artisan skincare and vibrational essences to instil balance and inner harmony. Combining alternative healing with the love of nature, the result is a brand that embraces the power of Mother Earth’s abundant raw essences to support, balance and uplift the mind, body and spirit.