Alchemy Kits (Aromatherapy Oils Kit)

Hanako’s Alchemy Kits provide an all-over subtle energetic treatment to help transcend current personal challenges. The easy-to-use 4-step (except Mummy and Baby and Travel Kit X 3) boxed set consists of an ‘I Am...’ spray, 2 meridian blends and an essence. Each combination works together to support body, mind and spirit release and realign for optimum wellbeing. Ignite self-awareness, become empowered and be inspired by the body’s ability to self heal.

Your Personal Alchemy Kit By Rachel

I am so excited to introduce our new service of personalised prescriptions, where we can connect, dig in a little deeper and shine light to help transcend current personal challenges.
I adore giving Energetic Healing sessions and our Hanako Therapies range is a part of this healing modality so we wanted to be able to combine the two together and that’s how our personal prescriptions came about. We can chat, I can do an Energetic tune in and together we can work to come up with the most supportive blends for you and where you are at on your journey at this point in time.
I look forward to connecting with you all. All my love,

Alchemy Kits For Personal Transformation

Aromatherapy is an ancient system using  Essential Oils  for the purpose of enhancing well-being. The powerful healing systems custom designed for aromatherapy oil kits offer relief for symptoms of various ailments. These personalised alchemy kits provide balance to the mind,body, and spirit.

Personal Alchemy Kits by Rachel 

My offering is to bring a major element of Hanako Therapies to you at home. We offer prescription based Alchemy Kits that are designed to alleviate personal challenges that are unique to you. These kits provide an all-encompassing subtle energetic treatment in four simple steps to transcend personal blockages. 

Personal Alchemy Kits highlights your ability to self-heal. While our core lies in face to face interactions and therapies, I  wanted to make our kits more widely available in times of uncertainty.  

Aromatherapy Oil Kits Could Help With  

Managing symptoms of pain externally, Managing symptoms of stress, agitation and anxiety, Enhancing core bodily functions like digestion, Supporting effective hospice and palliative care, Alleviating headaches and migraines, Softening post-surgery discomfort, Soothing pain around joints, Improving sleep patterns, Boosting immunity

     Alchemy Kits By Rachel
      Could lighten the symptoms of

Insomnia, fatigue and depression, Peripheral neuropathy, Menstrual issues, Menopause, Asthma

Hanako kits have all been made with compassionate love, by sourcing only the best natural ingredients that are grown sustainably. We do not test on animals as our products are based on age old traditions. 

How To Choose your Aromatherapy Oil Alchemy Kit

You'll answer questions during a consultation with Rachel and chat about your lifestyle and health. The consultation would highlight personal issues and give Rachel a clear idea of the conditions that need to be transcended. Rachel will then create your own personalized Alchemy kit.

Mummy and Baby Kit

$72.95 AUD

Hanako’s Mummy and Baby Kit was created for the wonderful transition into parenthood.”I AM...Bliss” for gorgeous mummies, helps you to hold your new space as a Mummy, supporting you to keep calm, relaxed and spiritually...

The Courage Kit

$72.95 AUD

THE COURAGE KIT: This 4-step kit will help unleash an adventurous side, to live boldly and fearlessly. BELL ROCK VORTEX: an essence for the peaceful warrior There is a positive, assertive masculine energy to this...

The Heart Kit

$72.95 AUD

THE HEART KIT: This 4-step kit will help address issues of the heart. When we go through heartbreak, loss, trauma or relationship difficulties it can stir up a range of emotions including anger, resentment, regret,...

The Letting Go Kit

$72.95 AUD

THE LETTING GO KIT: This 4-step kit will help provide support through emotional upheaval due to change, shock, trauma or grief.  PINK BABY ROSE: a message of unconditional love  ‘Pink Baby Rose’ essence will access...

The Travel Kit

$72.95 AUD

THE TRAVEL KIT: Never stop exploring. Every penny spent on travel is more than rewarding, it makes one rich. The memories, the inspiration, the enrichment, the wonder, the gratitude and the energy you receive from...

Create your own Gift

$2.00 AUD

Hanako now gives you the option to create your own gift. Just add this box and any items to your cart along with any instructions and it's on it's way. Free shipping Australia wide on...

Awakening (Wake me Up) Dream Mist (Calm me Down)

$58.95 AUD

  Another new arrival to join the Hanako Family::  WAKE ME UP // CALM ME DOWN Ritual Boxes are finally here!Featuring our best-selling Awakening & Dream Mist, this duo is designed to help you create a moment of sacred stillness,...

Gift Card

from $75.00 AUD

Treat someone the gift of wellness and tranquility with a Hanako Gift Card. Available in a range of values, a gift card will allow your loved ones to pick a gift they really want, no guessing required.Gift...

Personalised Prescriptions by Rachel

$179.00 AUD

An intuitive personalized prescription alchemy kit service designed to hold space for your beautiful being and help ignite self-awareness. Utilising a beautiful combination of energy work, intuitive healing, herbal remedies, essential oils, and sacred tools to assist in...