Hanako Essences - Organic Essential Oils

Mesa Vortex Essence

$19.95 AUD

A beautiful vibrational remedy, with a strong, uplifting, masculine energy, to offer a shift in focus and make things happen.  Mesa Vortex is an organic herbal essence that subtly works on the inner energy centres,...

Bell Rock Vortex Essence

$19.95 AUD

BELL ROCK VORTEX: an essence for the peaceful warrior There is a positive, assertive masculine energy to this essence. Good for when one needs a little extra push of encouragement to step out and ‘do’....

Lavender Flower Essence

$19.95 AUD

LAVENDER FLOWER: kick up your heels This essence is a reminder to relax and enjoy the journey of life, not everything needs to be so serious. It helps one to reconnect with the lightness of...

Pink Baby Rose Essence

$19.95 AUD

PINK BABY ROSE: a message of unconditional love ‘Pink Baby Rose’ essence will access another deep yet subtle level of healing, especially around the area of the heart. It encourages one to surrender issues of...

Cathedral Rock Vortex Essence

$19.95 AUD

CATHEDRAL ROCK VORTEX: a divine feminine essence Embrace the goddess within, an empowering, beautiful healer for women. This essence is very much a focus on creativity, healing, clearing and encouraging the process of creation and...

Redwood Forest Essence

$19.95 AUD

REDWOOD FOREST: a nourishing essence This essence encourages the spreading of one’s roots and nourishing the parts of you that are of the highest calibre, helping you become firm in these foundations. Like old leaves...

River Rock Essence

$19.95 AUD

RIVER ROCK: peaceful solitude This essence is beautiful for helping us tap back into the peaceful, enjoyment of solitude and stillness that can be found in the heart of the Earth. This essence helps us...

Sage Brush Essence

$19.95 AUD

SAGE BRUSH: a cleanser A nourishing support when going through stormy times, or emotional stages of feeling stuck, stagnant or lost, this can happen when we fall into our small self, egoic self, where the...

Create your own gift

$2.00 AUD

Hanako now gives you the option to create your own gift. Just add this box and any items to your cart along with any instructions and it's on it's way. If there are extra items...

Create your own Gift

$2.00 AUD

Hanako now gives you the option to create your own gift. Just add this box and any items to your cart along with any instructions and it's on it's way. Free shipping Australia wide on...

Gift Card

from $75.00 AUD

Treat someone the gift of wellness and tranquility with a Hanako Gift Card. Available in a range of values, a gift card will allow your loved ones to pick a gift they really want, no guessing required.Gift...

Hanako Essences 

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Hanako’s Essences are an under the tongue remedy that assist to support emotional wellbeing and encourage transformation for soul development and growth. When patterns of behaviour become stuck, essences serve to illuminate other pathways of being, helping to support an awakening of one’s inner self and encourage healing to take place on a subtle yet deep level and help transform consciousness beyond your present state. 

Hanako's essences are flower and environmental essences, where water is carefully infused with the vibrational energetic imprint of either the flower or sacred environment.
They are then blended in with 25% Brandy, which acts as a preservative and helps to keep the tincture pure in its properties. If you are Alcohol sensitive the remedy can either be rubbed onto the skin or dropped into the crown of the head. 
      Handcrafted in small batches in Australia