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Embracing the healing properties of nature.

Handcrafted vibrational scents, blends and essences derived from Earth's raw materials to lift, inspire, support and balance mind, body and spirit.

Embracing the healing properties of nature.

Hanako’s range of therapeutic products was created to provide a healthy, natural solution to synthetic scents and remedies.


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Natural, sustainable ingredients

We care about what you put onto your skin. We care about our footprint and we care about nature and our planet, so here at Hanako we strive to bring you the most pure and natural ingredients that work and that are sourced from ethical and sustainable farming practices.


Soulfully crafted botanicals

Our mission at Hanako is to live life in balance. Healthy diet, exercise, meditation, laughter, love and fun – it’s all about listening to the body’s needs. We are just a small but important part of your daily routine to live a life you love.

Each formula is charged with crystal vibrations, sealed with mantra

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heading-images-All Natural Ingredients

All Natural Ingredients

heading-images-Handcrafted with Love

Handcrafted with Love

heading-images-Australian made

Australian made

heading-images-Vegan Friendly

Vegan Friendly

heading-images-Not  Tested on Animals

Not Tested on Animals