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Your Personal Alchemy Kit

By Rachel Holm

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15 Mar , 2018
The perfect nighttime ritual for a deep, meditative sleep + WIN!

The perfect nighttime ritual for a deep, meditative sleep + WIN!

We know about the side effects of not getting enough sleep. And yet, rarely do we do anything about.
I ask you: what is better after a long day of work or when you're amidst a stressful life period than soaking in a bath and indulging in homeopathic bedtime rituals?

What we choose to do with our evening hours directly impacts our quality of sleep, significantly influencing our mood and energy levels the next day. 
I encourage you to clear your calendar as much as possible for an evening dedicated to holistic beauty, wellness, and silencing the mind chatter.
Here are some handy steps on having a deeply meditative & holistic sleep:

1. Power down: Ensure bedtime is a digital-free zone. The bright blue glow of screens can disrupt your body clock so it's important to tech-off at least 30 minutes before snoozing.
2. Dry brush your skin: Dry body brushing not only encourages lymphatic drainage (which eliminates the body’s toxins and promotes oxygen throughout the blood) but also keeps your skin soft, supple & smooth. Perfect right before you pop into the bath.  
3. Indulge in a detox bath: One of my favourite ways to unwind and enrich my senses is by taking a long, luxurious bathtub dip with epsom salts. This salt helps replenish the body’s magnesium levels and relaxes the body. Add a scoop of our DREAM SOAK (which you can claim free when you purchase DREAM MIST) to water for a soul-nourishing experience.
4. Practise gratitude: One of the most effective ways to create a sense of calm and happiness before sleep is to focus on everything that is going right in your life, as opposed to what's going wrong. Emanating gratitude and counting your blessings has been scientifically proven to release Dopamine - a feel-good hormone that makes you feel uplifted and positive. 
5. Receive massage: If you’ve got a partner who’s nice enough to help you out and even rub your feet, get them to use a few drops of GOODNIGHT BABY and massage into skin, targeting areas of tension like lower back, shoulders, neck and feet. You can also give yourself a massage - a beautiful act of self love
6. Master meditation: The mind chatter can be relentless and release excess cortisol in the blood stream which can contribute to insomnia and feels of restfulness. Meditation helps us stay centred and come back into the present moment, helping to reduce anxiety and stress. Placing crystals around your body (for grounding), and focusing on the breath or listening to a guided medi can work wonders on our mind, body and spirit. Click HERE to download some gorgeous crystal meditations.
7. Use essential oils: Using natural scents like eucalyptus and lavender can provide the little bed time boost you need. Make friends with aromatherapy by spritzing DREAM MIST around the body, which can help you chill out when your mind is still racing from the day. A deep, anxiety-free sleep ensures that you’ll be more radiant and energetic in the morning.

TO USE: Spray onto the pillow, over the crown of the head, onto the heart and the soles of the feet.

Take 3 deep breaths and repeat the affirmation. Feel yourself unwind and drift off to sleep.

AFFIRMATION: “ I now allow myself to let go of the day. With each inhale I feel relaxed and calm, with each exhale I soften and release.”
Whether you indulge in 1 or all of these steps, you owe it to yourself to have a peaceful slumber.

WIN a FREE DREAM MIST + DREAM BATH SOAK. Tell us in the comments how you like to slip into a beautiful sleep. Winner announced on Instagram on 1/4/18. Good luck!

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02 Feb , 2018
HANAKO Heart Chakra Rose Quartz

Connecting to your heart chakra for deeper living

Hanako Heart Chakra

Sometimes when the chest feels heavy or tight, it is trying to tell you something. A signal to Breathe. Ground. Connect. Slow down. Come back into the heart to purge any murky energy.

SELF LOVE MEDITATION: Close your eyes and connect with your breath. Take your attention to the heart and let it rest there. The heart is the ever knowing, authentic, guiding compass to your journey and the helper of moving forward gracefully. 

Can you sit with your feelings? Can you hold space for them; nurturing them lovingly until they are released with compassion and acceptance?

What is coming up at this time? What needs to be surrendered and let go? Breathe through the pain. Keep the heart open. 

Breathe in life force. Breathe out all that no longer serves you. Do this for as long as it takes to feel a sense of peace within.


Count your blessings; embody the lessons 

There is a message or lesson to be learned with all relationships that cross our path, and always a reason it chose our path to cross.

We learn about self – how far can we be stretched?

What do we allow?

What is it that needs healing within?

Why did I attract this particular relationship? 

Once we listen to and learn from these messages it allows us to open to forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love, and allows anger and resentment to melt away. The heart can then be soft, open and receptive to higher love and relationships. 

Always remember: beliefs that are ready to be transformed show you the way through their shadows. Be willing to follow your process into seeming darkness and discomfort, to find the gifts being offered there, apparent enclosures and limitations are only disguised opportunities to expand.


As we unfold into the busiest season of the year (can you believe it’s almost Christmas!), now is a beautiful time best spent in deep reflection, introspection and inner/spiritual focus as we let go of whatever we are holding onto physically, emotionally and metaphysically and shed layers that do not serve us any longer. 

The HANAKO HEART KIT is perfect for this. Just like THE LETTING GO KIT, it helps release energetic blocks – but in an even deeper way. It opens your heart centre, letting you sink into aspects of love and connection.


HANAKO The Heart Kit   HANAKO The Heart Kit


If you've been struggling with letting go or making peace of past or current relationships, the 4-step kit will guide you in addressing any unprocessed emotions which can cause heart energy to close or ‘harden’, leaving one less receptive to new experiences and relationships.

After using each of the formulas, you'll emerge with the clarity and tools for self love so you can nourish your spirit and know that you are intrinsically worthy. 

You might also want to rest a Rose Quartz beside you when using these sacred potions. Rose Quartz is the ultimate self love stone. It holds a very gentle vibration of love for the holder and anyone who comes in contact with it. It helps you tune into your softer side, listen deeply to your heart and mend relationships with grace.


From hereon, wherever you go, and whatever you do, become aware of anything that suggests you are not worthy to receive all that you desire. Self judgment can seriously hamper your evolution. Always, ALWAYS, love yourself first and foremost and live in alignment with the compass of your heart.

 Image Credit.

lots of love + healing light
Rachel xo

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01 Feb , 2018
Rose Quartz Heart Healing Meditation

Rose Quartz Heart Healing Meditation

Rose Quartz: A stone that represents unconditional love, joy, compassion and healing. Having this stone close within your energy field will work its wonders by vibrating and resonating out its loving energy impacting not only your own energy but those around you. Placing this stone on the heart or higher heart can bring a sense of deep emotional healing particularly good when one is moving through challenges, grief or relationship issues, helping to dissolve frustration, sadness, anger and resentment gifting you with a sense of peace and calm. 
This visual Meditation is extremely valuable when we are facing challenges or difficult times in life or with others. It helps us to go within and release fears and negative reactions from built up anger and irritability allowing us to feel the warmth of our heart and keep our heart space open and receptive.
1. Laying down in savasana gently place a rose quartz on the heart and gently close your eyes. Imagine now right at the hearts centre in the middle of the chest a beautiful soft pink/gold healing light.
2. Keep your imagination on this healing pink light, feeling the warmth of your heart and begin to see it start radiating out to the rest of the body, leaving your whole body resting in a beautiful golden pink bubble of healing light.
3. Now start to visualise others around you that you would like to touch with this healing pink/golden light and extend this light out to them, if you have stronger ‘'negative” emotions to someone you can visualise them standing in front of you then silently or aloud say “I forgive and I release you” as you bathe yourself and them in this light, keep saying it until the strength of the emotion starts to dissipate and you are both left bathing in the golden pink healing light.
4. As long as you need to keep radiating out this warming healing light do so and when you feel ready bring your attention back to your own body, then to your heart and begin to see the light fade to a balanced vibration.
5. Feel yourself grounded back in the room and on the floor and gently open your eyes.
This was a snippet from our Big Book of Crystal Meditations. For the full shebang, download this FREE here.

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