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Heart Meditation

~ Ritual


A Meditation for the Heart with Hanako's Heart Oil - for releasing sadness, pain or fear and bringing in warmth, compassion and love.

* Sit in a comfortable position, cross legged on the floor or sitting in a chair. Drop a few drops of the Heart oil into your hands and gently rub onto the heart.

* Sit up tall with the spine straight, the chin slightly tucked into the chest to elongate the back of the neck, let the shoulders relax, keep the heart open.

*Relax your eye gaze and then gently close down the eyes. * Gently breathe in lifting and joining the palms of the hands above the head and hold the breath for a moment.

* As you slowly breathe out bring the hands down the front of your body, slowly going past the crown of the head, the third eye, the throat and rest the hands now gently at the heart space with the knuckles of the thumbs resting into the sternum at chest level in line with the heart Chakra.

* Letting go now of any distractions, bring your attention to the heart space and let the mind focus on each deep breath in and each deep breath out. Feeling the belly and chest expand on the ‘in’ breath and soften down on the ‘out’ breath.

* Once the mind quietens bring your attention to the Heart. Gently rub the palms of the hands together creating heat and energy then slowly place the right hand over the heart and place the left hand on top of the right. Feel it's beat, warmth, circumference. Feel it's radiant energy and visualize this energy as an emerald green colour. Flowing freely, radiating out from the centre of your chest and the out back of your heart, down through the arms to the hands and flowing to your whole body. Stay here for 3- 5mins. Is there anything the heart is wanting you to know? is there a message from the heart? Maybe it's happy that you are just there sitting with it and aware of its energy. Soak in all the beautiful heart vibrations.

* Feel the whole body now bathed in the radiance of your heart energy and send that energy out to anyone that may need it right now.

* To finish, take a deep breath in and once again raise the hands up and out from the sides of the body until they connect again above the head. Scooping up all the beautiful radiant energy surrounding you and connecting with the heavens. On the breath out, gently draw them down again in prayer position through the centre of the body, aligning yourself with this divine energy, until the hands slowly separate at the bottom and you release them into the Earth.

* Offer thanks and Gratitude and take a moment to connect with the Earth and Moon energy. * Gently cup the hands over the face feeling the warmth and take three deep breaths inhaling the Heart Oil Aromatherapy, open the eyes and gently smile.