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How to tune into your intuition

“Our intuition eavesdrops on the mind of the universe, giving us access to the infinite source of possibilities.” ~ Deepak Chopra

We are all equipped with an intuition that is potent, trustworthy, and impeccably attuned to our true path.  Here are a few ways to turn up the volume on that trustworthy inner voice:

​✨ Meditation and yoga: Silence the “monkey mind” chatter. Without distractions, our intuition is allowed the space to exist, to communicate, and to be heard. Try using a meditation eye pillow or I AM elixir to deepen your experience.

✨Enjoy nature: Returning to our natural environment encourages a better connection with ourselves at the soul level and creates an opportunity for a more peaceful, receptive state. 

✨Get creative: Creativity exists naturally within every one of us. Through acting, dancing, drawing, painting, writing or anything that gets the creative juices flowing—we tap into a more natural energy, our ability to express 
intuitively and flow.

✨ Laugh, lighten your mood and thoughts: Consider your environment and the people within it. Laughter lights up your soul, quiets the mind, and is a natural and joyous response to happiness. It’s a moment of spontaneous expression.

✨Journal: Write, write, write! Many of us will have kept diaries in our teenage years, feeling the need to express our thoughts and feelings during a time that is known for personal transition. So, why do we stop? I believe we think this is something we outgrow the need for, but writing can serve as a form of expression all the way through our lives. 

✨Dream: While dreaming, we have no choice but to allow our thoughts to wander without control—we simply let them flow. Meditation is good for this as well, but dreaming (and even daydreaming) are similar changes of state that allow intuition the room for expression and acknowledgement. 

Use affirmation cards: These positive messages can deepen your connection with your inner wisdom, imagination and intuition.

Our lives can be transformed as we master the art of listening, creating balance, and being true to ourselves.

Trusting our intuition leads to making our best decisions throughout our lives.