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Embracing Autumn with Metal Elements

Autumn….. the season of letting go, turning inwards and reflecting on the last year that has been.

We’ve sowed the seeds, nurtured, grown and hopefully brought to fruition our creations and dreams and now we have the opportunity all over again to turn within, strip back the layers, release and let go allowing ourselves the time and space to go with the flow of nature, the season and the cycle.

Symbolic is the trees, we don’t ever see them standing there holding on to their leaves and refusing to let them go. Instead we see them change colour, turn brown, shrivel, die and fall off the branches floating down to the earth to give back to nature and to renourish the earth. They allow themselves to preserve and conserve their energy over the winter months and when spring rolls around again they begin the process of blooming and growing to their full potential.

The emotional shen (energy) of the metal element is Grief and letting go. A natural, powerful and important emotion especially when one experiences the loss of someone and something. How do we process our grief? Have we allowed ourselves to gently let go of pain, loss, seperation and grief? While grief is a very personal journey for each individual it is when grief is prolonged that a metal imbalance may be present.

The two organs that represent the Metal Element are the Lungs and the Large Intestine.

Large Intestine: The large intestine is not only about the physical letting go of toxins and waste but also the emotional, mental and spiritual build up or “garbage waste”. This can be symbolic of the “garbage waste” of the mind and our toxic thoughts. What can we let go of and release?!

Emotional symptoms of Imbalance with the large Intestine Meridian may show as guilt, inflexibility, unwilling to let go, claustrophobia, control issues, self worth issues, resentment, narrow minded, vulnerability.

When the energy is balanced we feel confident, we can easily eliminate, we can easily let go and clear out, we feel courageous, compassionate and free.



While the lung energy is still about letting go it is also about reverence, integrity and inspiration. An honouring of grief, of what we’ve gone through, moved through, let go of and the inspiration we have allowed to move through us and pull us up from our grief.

If you think of Autumn and the air. It is fresh, clean and crisp. It is nice to be mindful of this when you step outside into it. Take a deep breath and take your focus to the chest and lung area. When you inhale do you feel tight and contracted or do you feel open and expansive? Fill your lungs with this divine , clean healing energy. Fill up with each inhale and with each exhale, breathe out the out the old, stale negative energy.

You can see the harmonious partnering of these two organs by the intake of purity and the eliminating of waste.

To nurture and restore the energy of the Metal element use the time to go within, to mindfully breathe and to go quietly and calmly in your days.

Clear out and let go: If you feel the need to, clear out the cupboards, the office your home. Let go of the old, the outgrown, everything that is no longer needed. Donate it, give it away. But also take a look at your relationships, is there any that need mending, nurturing or forgiving. Let go of the past hurts, let go of the harbouring of ill feelings and negative emotions. Find a resolve…. If you can’t do it directly with a person, write it down, get it out of your system and then burn it as a letting go and forgiveness ritual. Release the old.

Meditate: Use this season to breathe deeply and slowly. Re energise by breathing in the pure clean air and breathing out the old within the mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. With the physical body, with each breath inhale into the contracted and tight spots and with each exhale allow the muscles to soften, let go and heal.

Hanako’s Lung and Large Intestine Meridian Blends: Using pure essential oils that are traditionally and historically associated with the lungs and large intestine, 100% organic jojoba oil, mantra and essences. Place them onto the specific acupressure points to stimulate the lines of energy for harmonious flow and restoration to the Metal Element. Use the affirmations that come along with them to create a mindful ritual and to honour your beautiful self, your worth and your wellbeing.

Shed the layers and allow yourself to shine.

lots of love + healing light,
Rachel xo