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Chakra and Crystal Meditation

Have you ever gazed into the depths of a crystal? It can offer you instant clarity and stillness of the mind. Providing a point of soft focus, crystals help you to stay attentively in the present moment without judging it or needing it to change.

The unique qualities of each crystal assist in switching off your mind's chatter or compulsive thinking. They can ease your anxieties, dispel your anger, show you how to forgive and let the past be, and so much more. Try one of my favourite chakra and crystal meditations below to connect you to yourself at a very deep level.

Crystal Body Layout

OBSIDIAN: Placed in between the legs near the ankles.

Properties: Deeply grounding and strengthening. Helps to draw negative energy and imbalances to the surface for clearing and releasing. Helps stop the thoughts and leaves you feeling earthed and connected.

HAEMATITE: Placed on the root chakra.

Properties: Cleansing and expanding on a deeper level. Calming and strengthening. Very grounding and connecting and helps bring awareness back to the body.

CARNELIAN: Placed on the sacral chakra.

Properties: Grounding and balancing. Healing. Good for creativity and fertility. Helps remove lethargy and depression and release stress and blocks that prevent enjoyment of life.

SMOKY QUARTZ: Placed on the solar plexus chakra.

Properties: Deep relaxation and healing giving a sense of “Stillness” within. Good for those that suffer from panic attacks and anxiety, helping to melt blockages and restore balance and physical energy.

AVENTURINE: Placed on the heart chakra.

Properties: gives the feeling of being light and gentle, yet joyous. Very centering and peaceful on the heart energy. A message of “surrender with love and go with the flow”.

ROSE QUARTZ: Placed on the pericardium, the heart protector (just above the heart chakra) .

Properties: Nurturing, warm, nourishing and healing, penetrates deeply on the heart and heart energy with unconditional love. Helps relax the muscles. Good for mindfulness and staying present. A message of “stay true to yourself”.

LAPIS LAZULI: Placed on the throat chakra.

Properties: strengthening and repairing the whole constitution. This one can feel very strong on the throat centre. Balancing and centering. You may get a sense of clearing the throat and pouring out your third eye. Helps to expand and strength the auric field. Also known for its protective properties.

AMETHYST: Placed on the third eye.

Properties: helps to clear out the thoughts and create positive spaciousness and transmute to higher self. Expansion, clear sighted and unveiling to truth. Deeply peaceful and leave you feeling like you’re flying or like in yoga a feeling of the “cosmic egg”. 

CLEAR QUARTZ: Placed on the crown chakra.

Properties: Cleansing and clearing. It feels like the power of Archangel Michael clearing and cutting cords and unwanted negative energy. Very powerful. Helps build a stronger constitution. Increases the harmony of all energies. Brings calmness to the mind and stability to the body.

FLUORITE: Place one in each hand.

Properties: powerful and protective. Once again, another grounding stone that helps draw any excess negative energy down and out the hands. Good one for when feeling angry. Balancing and expanding with feelings of content. The words “Be” come to mind. Works on protecting all layers of the auric field.


Once all the crystals are carefully placed on the body you are ready to begin a chakra meditation.

There are numerous chakra meditations but if you like a guided meditation, Doreen Virtue has a great morning and evening chakra meditation. I personally love this one. There are also ones you can listen to on YOUTUBE, especially if new to this type of meditation and chakras. Good for getting to know the position, energy and properties each chakra holds (which I'll write more about soon!)

If you already know the positions, colours and properties of each chakra you can simply do a colouring breathing meditation to activate and strengthen the chakras.

Or you can simply lay there with beautiful gentle music on and beginning with some deep breathing then letting your awareness drift to each stone placed on the body and with each inhale, breathe in the divine life force and goodness of that crystal and with each exhale, release any old and stuck energy.

Lay their and bathe in the magnificent energy each crystal gives. Observe the energy and shifts taking place.

Sometimes I find it that relaxing and powerful I drift off into a deep sleep and let the healing take place there.

 Any questions about this meditation? Leave a comment!

lots of love + healing light
Rach xx