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Sacred Kundalini yoga poses for couples

Here at HANAKO, we're celebrating a month of love during February. And we've assembled 3 different Kundalini Yoga exercises to be done with your partner for deeper connection and sacred bonding. Try them out and let us now how you go! Don't forget to spritz I AM... LOVE Natural Perfume over the crown of both your heads to maximise the vibrational pull to one another.
The Venus Kriyas

The Venus Kriyas are usually done with the opposite sex. The focus is not sexual or sensual energy but on the heart, sitting in the heart space and projecting love and care for the highest good of both and with the pure intention of elevating the relationship to its highest possible form and experiencing the polarities of male and female energy.

Before any start of Kundalini Yoga we always begin with an opening chant of “ong namo guru dev namo” repeating this 3 times.

Ong namo guru dev namo means : I bow to the Divine teacher, I bow to the divine teacher and wisdom within.
Heart Lotus Kriya

Heart Lotus Kriya: Sitting cross legged “easy position” or “lotus pose” across from your partner and looking at each other.

Part 1: Cupping the hands and spreading the fingers forming a lotus with only the pinkie fingers touching. The man has his suspended slightly lower than the woman’s without touching each other. Through the eyes look into the heart and soul of your partner for 1.5 to 3 mins.

Part 2: Now place one hand over the other at the heart centre. Gently close your eyes and go deep within the heart space and continue for 1.5 to 3 mins.

End: Deep inhale and deep exhale 3 times, the relax.

Facing the Challenge of Life together:

Sitting on your heels if possible, if not, sitting in easy position with your knees touching. Clasp your hands together and lean back as far as comfortable.

Shut your eyes and inhale the sound “sat” and as you exhale through the mouth the sound the “nam”.

Long even breaths, continue for 3 mins. When complete, come back to the centre and open your eyes with a poses for couples

Happy Couple Meditation:

Sitting back to back in easy pose, making sure the base of the spines touching, place the hands gently on the knees with the tip of the thumb and the tip of the index finger touching. This is known as “Gyan mudra” This mudra stimulates knowledge, wisdom and the power to compute. It also gives you a sense of calmness and receptivity.

Now deeply inhale and deeply exhale then begin chanting together “Sa Ta Na Ma” for 3 minutes.

Starting out aloud, then whispering, then silently to yourself and to finish off; out aloud again.

Take a deep inhale, hold the breath, and gently exhale and release.

‘Sa Ta Na Ma” meaning: Infinity, life, death and rebirth. This mantra is a great catalyst for change.
The promise of yoga is to unite your finite self with the Infinite Self. There’s no better way to enhance that journey than to practice yoga with your partner. Make it a special, sacred union.

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lots of love & healing light
Rachel Holm xo