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Setting sacred intentions for the New Year

How this year has sailed by so feverishly! And as the year comes to a close, I turn inwards for reflection. 

A mystical trip around America, illness in my family, lots of learning, lots of loving. Lots of healing and much to feel grateful for. Especially as the HANAKO family continues to grow, I want to extend my love and appreciation for all who have made our commitment to plant-based medicine and therapeutic healing possible. I hope our vibrational blends and essences have contributed to the betterment of your life in a special way.


Now it's time to talk: intention-setting. It’s a simple practice that helps me sets a solid foundation for a new period in my life.

Always at the forefront of my mind is my mantra, 'everything happens for a reason!'. Everything that I’ve experienced this past year, good and bad, has contributed to the person I am today and will help me grow again as I embark on this journey into the new year.


When setting your intentions for the new year, take a quiet moment for yourself to revel in this sacred ritual. Stay focused and relaxed with I AM...CLARITY. Spray it around the crown of your head and body whilst repeating the affirmation, “My mind is clear and focused, I feel refreshed and balanced. My heart is joyful”.

Embrace the past, don’t ignore or suppress it. Instead, let it contribute to your emotional release. When any anxiety-inducing feelings come up, rub some Happy Tracks into the souls of your feet and wrists - the lavender will quash any anxiety and encourage feelings of calmness.

Remember, your intentions now will act as a silent friend, reminding you to carry on and giving you a surge of energy at every fork in the road as you walk down the divine path of 2017.


Shift your paradigm, raise your vibrations and set your sights high.

Be willing to be you.

Move forward with ease and grace.

Drop the reins and fully embrace everything supporting your journey and your highest self.

You are worthy of everything.

The twists and turns of life can leave us breathless, but these simple moments are the most sacred.

Thank you for showing up in 2016 day in, day out. Thank you for reading this. Here’s to a peaceful ending to a rewarding, at times bumpy but soul-nourishing year.

See you in 2017 tribe.

lots of healing love + light