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A healing essence for children who can't sleep at night

Goodnight Baby

Our Gigi was having a sleepless night the other evening.
Restful, frustrated, sad; it seemed it would go on forever!
I enveloped my girl in my arms. I whispered words of affirmation to send away her night woes. I forgave myself for not being able to quash her sleeplessness right then and there. I let humility and patience awash my senses, cleansing away my own exhaustion so I could fully be present with her fear. 
But still, nothing seemed to be working.
So I reached for Goodnight Baby; my little alchemical blend of soothing and relaxing lavender, sweet orange, chamomile, gem and flower essences blended in 100% Organic jojoba oil, and bathed in an ancient mantra for deep healing from start to seal. I massaged her little precious feet, cooing to her, bonding. 
I told her she was safe and secure. That her dreams would provide a blanket of golden honey, filling her with luminescent light so she could sleep soundly amongst the stars and the moon and she would be met with nothing but joy and love when she arose.
Her demeanour instantly softened, as she relaxed into the nourishing massage, and the power of Mother-Child connection.
Within moments her tears and cries subsided. Her body fell heavy. And slowly, slowly, little Gigi surrendered to sleep. 
If your little bub is struggling with sleep or restlessness, reach for Goodnight Baby. It's a magical tonic myself and Jeff have branded 'the saviour' of bedtime qualms; perfect for the children who require a helping, loving hand on their way to a peaceful slumber. 
You will be inspired to become well rested, caring and responsive all while allowing your little one to foster one of life's most important skills, the art of good sleep.
Sweet dreams.
Rach xo