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Healing an upset stomach

Hanako Therapies Stomach

 I am a big believer that everything in life happens for a reason.

Sometimes what happens challenges us and pushes us to limits we never knew existed before. 

In the end we always have the tools to overcome hardships and embrace good, and it helps when we have the full energy of a healthy mind, body and spirit backing us up.


My husband and I have faced many hardships together, but we’ve also been blessed with much happiness and wealth of spirit.

One such blessing was our road trip through the USA in 2013, the one that we'd finally decided to take after many years of dreaming of the adventure! However before we were to set off I had to find something for Willow, my then 2yr old, whom suffers from terrible carsickness.

I searched high and low trying to find a natural remedy that she'd easily be able to take and upon not finding anything natural I decided to take matters into my own hands and turned to the healing powers of nature, trusting that with a little helping hand, our bodies often show a wonderful ability to heal themselves.

And so I began blending for the purpose of naturally soothing and calming the digestive and nervous system with traditional pure essential oils that had also been used for this purpose. Along with adding plant essences that help little ones' balance the nervous excitability and energies taken on from the environment. The results were astounding, the bucket companion retired, the tissues were put away and we were able to get on with the trip.

Whilst on the road, hubby, Willow and myself were all stunned by the overwhelming beauty around us and I was personally so grateful to be able to enjoy such a life affirming experience with my precious family.

That helping hand was a new blend of vibrational essences that I developed myself to stabilise her little body. Miraculously, after rubbing onto her feet, wrists and stomach the results spoke for themselves. 


Our road trip experience was the emblem of a dream come true; turning to nature to help heal our bodies when nothing else was effective! It was the serendipitous birth of our Happy Tracks essential oil and plant essence.

While I wouldn’t wish tummy sickness on anyone, life has a way of throwing us just the right obstacles at just the right time. The result can sometimes be magical if you let the inner knowing guide you.

During this experience, I realised my daughter wasn’t the only one with an anxious stomach. My tummy was aflutter with nerves for my sick baby! I believed that this natural blend could work not only for Willow but also for her anxious parents.

I handcrafted the blend with the intention of soothing and calming the digestive system, which is known to cause upset stomachs when put under anxiety-driven situations. The peppermint I infused within the elixir is an excellent tonic for the nerves and the lavender aides against anxiety and restlessness.

Friends have also told me it helped settle the butterflies in their stomach before a big event or calmed the nerves on a bumpy plane ride.

Before I travel or whenever I notice anxiety creep into my tummy area, I always reenergise my body by drinking plenty of tea and rubbing the Stomach and Spleen Meridian Blends to their acupressure points when needed.

Since our road trip I also now take the Happy Tracks blend in my purse or carry on to give me extra peace of mind, knowing I can always use it myself or for my kids to help get through those tougher moments.

happy travels to everyone!
Rachel xo