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Natural perfume vs. synthetic: what will you choose?

With so many gorgeous aromas derived from nature and essential oils, why do mass market perfume manufacturers continue to opt for chemically-laden formulas that are doing more harm than good? Let’s break it down.
Although many synthetic perfumes do carry staying power, they pose a potential health risk to our skin, senses and microcirculation. Not only are many made with phthalates, which contribute to hormone disruption but even worse, some are carcinogenic. Despite this, many companies withhold certain ingredients under the umbrella of ‘fragrance’ that allow them to load up the formulas with chemicals, which can adversely cause migraines, allergies, nausea and skin irritations. All of this just to keep ingredients secret from the competition, at the risk of our health? Bananas!
100% natural fragrances on the other hand, means it has come from our surrounding environment; elements of Mother Earth and her abundant flow of goodness. These natural scents are compounded and distilled into essential oils without the use of further chemicals.

Conversely, synthetics are man made, artificial chemicals composed in a lab and do not contain many if any natural elements. Spray these around an asthmatic or use as mosquito repellant and you’ll see instantly just how potent, and potentially dangerous they are.
Essential oils feature super powerful antioxidants and are known for a wide spectrum of uses. While synthetics actually have zero therapeutic value, natural perfumes are better for you holistically as you are getting nature’s gifts in its purest form.
If our skin is our largest organ, why would you apply anything dangerous? It takes only a few seconds for chemicals to be absorbed to the blood list, by way of parabens, petroleum and petrochemicals.
Here at HANAKO, our vibrational perfume range embodies essences derived from the earth’s raw materials to lift, inspire, support and balance. Better yet, each alchemical elixir is gem infused and sealed with mantras and love.
Green living is a holistic effort and our bodies are a remarkable place to start the change. And when you do? The results are magical.
lots of love + light,
Rachel xo