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Women In Ritual: Rikki Day

Rituals can bring a softness to your everyday life, a sweetness to your soul. 

The quiet pulse of something familiar creates space for beautiful shifts in life and can bring healing to places long hidden.

Creating space and time for yourself, in an intentional and sacred way, allows you to open up to the unknown gifts that are yet to be received and accept whatever that is.

Every fortnight we'll be interviewing one incredible woman about how she integrates rituals into her life to fortify her emotional, mental, spiritual and physical self.

We hope you feel inspired by these soul chats, and similarly bookend your days with beautiful practices that simply feel good.


Meet Rikki Day or Rikki Day Art from Gold Coast, Australia.

In a few sentences, can you introduce yourself and what you do? 

Hi, Im Rikki Day i’m a 29 year old woman, mother, wife & artist. I’m a creative and happy person with a mostly grounded, straight-shooting kind of personality. I live on the southern end of the gold coast with my husband and 2 year old son, Otto. I started painting as a way of regaining a little bit ofmyselfback after transitioning into motherhood. I turned a corner of my garage into a tiny little art space and used it as a mini paradise I could go to if I needed time alone. I started sharing my work and since then it's quickly grown into my full time work & passion. 

What is your Star Sign?


What is your favourite everyday ritual (even if you don't get to it every day)?

Coffee and a little bit of silence. 

Favourite beauty ritual?

To be honest, I’ve always lived by the beach and have basically relied upon sunshine and salt water as my beauty regime for the most part of my life, however recently I have adopted a really nice but simple night-time routine that begins with a nice hot shower & cleanse followed by a few serums and a luxurious facial oil that smells like roses. I always feel really feminine after that & I love it. 

Favourite wellness ritual?

My all time favouritewellnessritual is taking regular holidays. I am a firm believer that to be truly feeling alive we need to pause regularly, put our every day life down even just for a day or two and just enjoy being in your moment, away from it all. That and a swim in the ocean. 

Do you have a spiritual practice? If so, can you please share?

If you asked me that 10 years ago you would have been speaking with a fire-twirling, barefoot, young woman who smelt of incense and almost certainly had a deck of angel cards in her bag and I’m sure this answer would have been a lot more in depth. But now, In regards to a spiritual practice I’m a little less regimented. I feel as though I’m a fairly spiritually open person but for the most part I just try to be kind, ask myself a lot of questions and be open to change and challenge. 

A book you're reading?

I generally don't read books unless i’m on holidays. I absolutely love my work so if I’m not with my son, basically I’m in the studio creating something. I do binge listen to podcasts on walks and as I clean the house etc but other than that I save up all of my book reading for holidays and now, choosing myholiday bookhas become something I really look forward to. 

A meal you love to cook?

Mexican. A good warm spicy cheese dip, guac, tortilla chips + a salty tabasco margarita is my ideal combo. 

What does your self-care routine currently look like?

Some days I’m drinking my probiotic inner beauty drink, having a high protein- nutrient dense meal and going for a walk and a swim in the sunshine. Butother days I drink a long black, forget to eat breakfast and don't get out of my pyjamas. Anyone who knows me well knows that a strict routine is not something I’m generally very good at but I just try to be consistent with having a kind inner voice and take each day at a time.

What does the word ‘ritual’ mean to you?

For me ritual is about intention. I don't necessarily feel as though the consistency, frequency or duration of your ritual really matters so much as the intention behind your ritual does. You might take 20 minutes once a week and your ritual may be something as simple as having a cup of tea to yourself, or it could be something far more in depth. Either way I think if the intention is there to connect with yourself, any kind of ritual is worthwhile. 

What kind of women do you look up to and turn to?

I look up to women who take action in achieving their kind of happy life. My mother is an incredible woman and as we were growing up she was always so true to herself. She was a professional surfer & she had goals and dreams and wanted to live her life a certain way and she worked hard to make it a reality. I’ll always be in awe of her for that. I really look up to, and am super proud of women who are willing to choose to do a little bit of hard work to live life doing what brings them happiness. In terms of who I turn to, my close group of girlfriends are all time legends and I’m so lucky to have them support me fully in all of my moments. They are 100% judgement free and I love them for that. 

What is the one piece of guidance you would give a woman suffering from stress and overwhelm in her everyday life?

Pause, turn off all of the noise in the room and just breathe for a minute. Then, release yourself of anything that isn't absolutely emergent for that day and go get a massage or spa treatment. Treat it as a mini holiday and come back calm, refreshed and ready to begin the next day fresh. It is totally fine to write the day off from anythingproductiveand just take some time to love yourself.Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished- Lao Tzu 

What are you grateful for right now?

My husband. He is such a great dad, and has always been incredibly supportive of me in all of my endeavours. He has our little boy a lot so that I can be in the studio, he really deeply sees how much joy being an artist brings me and is always happy to give me time to be the creative I am. 


To learn more about Rikki visit & @rikkidayart