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Women In Ritual: Kristin Olds

Introducing our new Women In Ritual Interview Series


Rituals can bring a softness to your everyday life, a sweetness to your soul. 

The quiet pulse of something familiar creates space for beautiful shifts in life and can bring healing to places long hidden.

Creating space and time for yourself, in an intentional and sacred way, allows you to open up to the unknown gifts that are yet to be received and accept whatever that is.

Every fortnight we'll be interviewing one incredible woman about how she integrates rituals into her life to fortify her emotional, mental, spiritual and physical self.

We hope you feel inspired by these soul chats, and similarly bookend your days with beautiful practices that simply feel good.


Meet Kristin Olds from Melbourne Australia
In a few sentences, can you introduce yourself and what you do?
My name is Kristin Olds and I am a Melbourne/Naarm based Artist practising the ancient art forms of Ceramics and Weaving.
I have always been drawn to working with natural materials, and do my best to create minimalistic pieces that let the raw materials speak for themselves. 
I strive to make pieces that evoke a sense of emotion as you hold them in your hands, that take you into a contemplative state of presence, that make you feel.
Tell us how you got started in your craft?
I began dabbling in both ceramics and weaving while I was living up in Sydney, during a time in my life where I was just starting to rediscover the potency of creativity. 
I was immediately taken by the effects that slow craftsmanship, and working with our hands can have on our well being. These practices became the best kind of friend I know.
What has your maker journey been like up until now?
I feel so blessed to be on this journey, to be exploring what it means to live a creative life.
On a daily basis, I bare full witness to myself. The creative process holds up a mirror, so that I can see myself, wherever I'm at, in that moment in time.
I have found myself in relation with practices that demand my presence.
And in doing so, these deeply reflective modalities leave me nowhere to hide. My state of being, reflected in my pieces.
It has forced me to look at myself, my thoughts, my way of being. It has forced me to witness how my mental head space is so intrinsically linked to how I show up in the world. And that feels like a powerful practice to have, one to be grateful for.



What is your Star Sign?

What does the word ‘ritual’ mean to you?
A dedicated practice of coming home to oneself.
What is your favourite everyday ritual?
Reading my book while I take a long, hot soak in our outdoor bath, under the passionfruit vine.
Favourite beauty ritual?
Massaging Rose Hip Oil into my face and neck.
Favourite wellness ritual?
Putting on some soft, silky tunes in our sun-filled living room and moving my body in whatever way feels right in that moment.
A book you're reading?
Women who run with the Wolves. (Must read for every Woman out there!)
A meal you love to cook?
Most recently, gnocchi with roast pumpkin, caramelised onions, burnt butter and sage.

What does your self-care routine currently look like?
Self care for me is about finding ways to slow down and be present with myself.
Yoga, meditation, reading, cooking, time spent in nature, and solo van trips are all things that help to ground and reconnect with myself.
What kind of women do you look up to and turn to?
The older I get, the more I find I am surrounded by women who are all on this incredible journey of self discovery, who are all striving to be their most vibrant, authentic selves. Women who are striving for truth, and who are just so incredibly brave. Brave in showing up in their lives,  in getting to know themselves, in learning how to step into their power and reconnect with the wild woman inside. It is contagious, being surrounded by such strong women. I am blessed with a daily dose of nurturing love and wisdom, and a gentle kick up the bum to ensure I show up as my most authentic self.

What is the one piece of advice you would give a woman suffering from stress and overwhelm in her everyday life?
Take time to immerse yourself in nature, to soak in the magic that is happening all around us, and to remember that you're a part of that magic, not separate from it.

What are you grateful for right now?
Time and space to be exploring myself, this world, and all the wonder it has to offer.
To learn more about Kristin visit & @kristinolds

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