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What is plant medicine?

Posted: Jun 04 2017

From the moment I first started creating plant-based, natural remedies, my journey to HANAKO was written in the stars. Had my journey not been so serendipitous, I truly believe plants, flowers and the beautiful healing power of nature would still be part of my life somehow.
From the invention of my first blend, Happy Tracks, I discovered that plants are not only medicinal. They can also be magical, healing and deeply transformative for the human psyche. In short, they’re totally enchanting.  

"Look at a tree, a flower, a plant. Let your awareness rest upon it. How still they are, how deeply rooted in Being. Allow nature to teach you stillness," Eckhart Tolle.
This is one of my favourite quotes of all time and one which I believe perfectly sums up the spiritual significance of nature.
Nature holds such a profound power and has so much more to offer us than face value. As Eckhart says, if you allow it, nature even has the ability to teach.
How does plant medicine work for energy healing?
Our energy can become stagnant or stuck in our bodies. This manifests physically as sore muscles, tight joints, headaches and other bodily pains.
Many activities can help keep the energy flowing, like massage, yoga, restoring the meridian energy lines, meditation and, of course, plant medicine.
How can we harness this power in plant medicine?
One of the ways I have harnessed the power of nature for healing purposes through my products is with aromatherapy. My essential oils are all made with natural and pure extract from flowers, plants, trees, shrubs, resins and seeds. They also have extracting properties to help pull out and restore stuck energy.
Only pure essential oils can give the full benefits of aromatherapy to promote healing properties like physiological, emotional and spiritual well-being. To assist the plant magic, it is best to visualise the energy being released as we apply the essences under the tongue or spritz the mists around our bodies.
Here are my top four must-have essences for healing and when to use them:
  • Lavender Flower Essence. This essence is a reminder to relax and enjoy the journey of life, not everything needs to be so serious. It helps one reconnect with the lightness of spirit and find the childlike fun in one’s day to day activities. When in need of relaxation, take two drops under the tongue per day for two to three weeks and start to see new pathways of being illuminated.
  • Pink Baby Rose Essence. When you need a reminder of unconditional love, this favourite essence will help access a deep yet subtle level of healing, especially around the area of the heart. It encourages one to surrender issues of the heart to the higher self, and serves as a reminder that all that has been, all that is and all that is to come is done with unconditional love.
  • Sage Brush Essence. This essence helps one cleanse and nourish in stormy times. A nourishing support to instill peace, while clearing the cells of negativity, cleansing one’s energy and aligning one with one’s higher self and power.
  • Redwood Forest Essence. Take two to three drops under the tongue of this essence to help nourish the best parts of you. Like old leaves and branches fall, same goes with shedding beliefs and value systems that are no longer in alignment with one’s growth for a higher purpose. This essence is a natural, organic way of growth, helping us learn to go at our own pace.
When using any of our natural essences, remember to visualise the released energy becoming high vibrational white light, which is then released as an offering to Mother Universe. As we offer energy to her, she will return energy to us with her infinite love and kindness.
Which natural essence bears the most relevance for your life? Leave a comment below.
Lot’s of love and light
Rachel xo
Image via Pinterest

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