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5 ways to manage anxiety and stress naturally

How to manage stress

Stress... ah, that unwelcome mood-buster that zaps you of your energy. The fear-mongering no-gooder that creeps up on you and makes your heart race, your throat constrict, and your body ache. We've all experienced it - on a small to large scale. But rather than let stress and anxiety take over your entire life and steal all the joy from your day, why not experiment with natural remedies and rituals to help you keep calm in anxiety-inducing situations so you can be at ease in every way possible. Read on...


Aromatherapy can work wonders for reliving stress and tension. Not only does it affect the mental, emotional and psychological self it also has an effect on the physiological and spiritual wellbeing. Pure essential oils like Lavender, Clary Sage, Rose, Bergamot, Neroli, Sandalwood and Melissa blended in with a base oil can be a welcoming relief in one sniff helping to trigger a calming of the heart and mind and wash a sense of calm over you. Place it to the wrists, feet and behind the ears. Take a few deep breaths and let the tension and stress melt away.

More often than not, we don't realise that a lot of our inner turmoil is stemming from energetic blocks. We hold on to 
frustrations and negativity, and harbour them until they start to manifest in ugly ways. That's why practices such as energy healing, reiki, chakra realignment and clearing meridian blockages are key in clearing out our soul's rubble. A great specific acupressure point to press is Kidney 1 (try pressing the Kidney Meridian Blend rollerball blend on this area), located on the soles of the feet, just below the pads of the feet and between the 2nd and 3rd toe. This point has a very grounding effect and helps to draw excess energy from the upper part of the body and draw it down to the feet grounding you into the earth. This is also a great point if you suffer from anxiety. Knead this point with your thumb for 2 mins and you’ll literally feel yourself drop out of the head energy. 
Another point I personally love to press if you’re feeling anxious/racey in the heart is Pericardium 6: located in the middle of the inside forearm, 2.5 finger breadths away from the wrist. Once again gently pressing and kneading in a circular motion  for 2 mins and taking nice deep breaths, feel the energy descend out of the head and ease off the heart, you’ll feel a sense of calm wash over you. 
Breath is our life force so a great Meditation and breath exercise is to sit cross legged on the floor/earth, pull up through the spine and drop the chin slightly towards the chest as though there is a string pulling you up through the crown of the head and opening up the back of the neck.  
Start to take long deep breaths drawing life force energy down through the crown of the head, feeling it draw down through the body and connecting down to the core of the earth.
On the exhale draw the energy up from the core of the earth and up the rough the body releasing out the crown of the head and offering it up to the heavens. Repeat this inhaling from above and drawing the energy down through the body and exhaling from the earth up through the body to the heavens a few times(8 cycles is good, continue longer if needed) and when you’re ready take your attention to the heart space and feel the shift and balance within your energy field. Finish by placing your hands on your heart and having a moment of Gratitude for all that is and then gently open your eyes. Peace before you, Peace behind you, peace above you, peace below you and peace within you.
With mindfulness practice we can change the way we respond to stress, leading to more thoughtful, compassionate and solution focused outcomes. The present moment is all there is, breathe, relax, enjoy. Don’t be afraid to sit in theisness” of the moment, life is ever changing. Try spritzing I AM… BLISS around the body, affirming: "I am calm, centred and at peace. I live from moment to moment. All is well." This will help bring clarity, balance and peace to your day thanks to Sandalwood to assist in relaxation, Sweet Orange to uplift and encourage positivity, Lemon for a clearer mind and

mental clarity and Grapefruit to alleviate stress and nervous tension.

Any type of exercise will help reduce stress because the body has knack for soaking up endorphins. Moving your body regularly will equip you with more energy and lower stress levels, while making you feel overall better. If you're new to exercise, start with a brisk 15 minute walk each day and increase it as you get stronger and fitter. You might also want to try yoga or Pilates, swimming or cycling. Don't forget to have fun with it!
Much love always,
Rachel x