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How to use crystals & sage to heal & manifest + FREE EBOOK!

I am so honoured & blessed to introduce you to the next phase of HANAKO THERAPIES! By popular demand, we have just added crystals, sage & palo santo to the store to help you cultivate divine acts of sacred self care and soulful rituals so you can live your inner most gorgeous life!

While I have meditated for many years, including a crystal, sage stick or palo santo stick into my daily meditation has definitely enhanced my practice and helped raise my consciousness and awareness. You may find that using these spiritual tools in conjunction with Hanako's high vibrational aromatherapy formulas helps to deepen your intuition and bring insight
from your soul.

I am also very excited to offer you a FREE BONUS: The Big Book of Hanako Crystal Meditations, something I have been writing and working hard at for awhile that I know you are going to treasure and enjoy. It's filled with up to 10 meditations and divine acts of sacred self care and rituals that I personally use myself, and teaches you all about the different crystals we have stocked in the store, how to sage the body and home, how to cleanse and recharge your gorgeous stones - and more!

To celebrate this exciting new launch we're also offering a FREE crystal gift with purchase when you spend $50 or more in store. Use code CRYSTALGIFT at checkout.

My love affair with crystals and sage has spanned over 20 years. Crystals are sprinkled everywhere throughout our house and office.You are greeted at our front door by them, they sit on my bedside table. A beautiful big smokey quartz sits facing me on the office table and of course the HanakoTherapiesstudio is filled with them and they are used throughout the handcrafted production of each and every product. 

I have different ones that go into my handbag and I have one that hangs at my heart space on a chain. I meditate with them, sometimes with them all over my body and other times just a select one. Heck even our coasters for water and drinks are Agate slices! 
When Willow and Ginger were born both girls had a gorgeous Rose Quartz crystal that was strategically placed beneath their cots, so now both of them have a natural love affair with these amazing nature formed treasures. 

They are extremely beneficial for every part of our being—our mind, our body and our spirit. These will help you to relax, clear your mind and release negative energy and unwanted thoughts while amplifying your manifesting potential. 

On a spiritual level, meditating with crystals can help to raise your consciousness and awareness, deepening your intuition and bringing insight from your soul. Similarly saging oneself and your energetic environment can have wonderful cleansing benefits to help you reset, recharge and protect your precious energetic frequency.
Be open to the journey and always remember to follow your heart.

I truly believe in the times we are living in, our dedication and practice of meditation and stillness can be our salvation.

I invite you to come back to yourself, come back to your breath, come back to nature and all will be revealed. Journey on beautiful souls.

With all my love,

Rach xo