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TRIBE TALKS: Brigid from Create Love Heal

We're so honoured to have interviewed Brigid from Create Love Heal for our TRIBE TALKS series – a segment that focuses on conscious souls who inspire & cultivate a purposeful life. Take a seat, grab a herbal tea & read on.


1. Tell us a bit about yourself & the work that you do.
I am the founder of Create Love Heal, a mother of 3 beautiful bubs and an Osteopath. I am also just a standard woman who loves a great cup of tea and who throws on her dressing gown at every chance possible! I have worked as an Osteopath for 8 years and in recent times had my 3 babies, leaving a gap in my desire to return to Osteopathy. I do love it, but I also have had huge desires to fill a void that has alays lived within me….the desire to reach out and help as many women and teens around the world as I possibly can in believing in themselves.
Create Love Heal originally started out with the mission to create skincare for kids with skin irritations, as my daughter battled with horrendous skin rashes requiring whole body bandaging and endless testing and use of products that never worked. I researched and planned to go ahead with it, but in the meantime ended up stumbling across so much green beauty content I realized all my prayers for myself and family had been answered already and so my blog began.
From there I began to realize how therapeutic it was for me to share my personal journey of self discovery and wanted to help others do the same, so I developed my Learning To Be Me Online Workshop – a program for empowering women to learn to be their truest self, either for the first time or after veering off track and prioritizing others (i.e children, partners etc) for too long.

2. What inspired you to first start blogging?
I never really had the desire to blog, but I the process of researching for my own skincare line, I wanted to create a presence online and a real passion is detoxifying your life both in the beauty realm and emotionally and so my blog began…

3. Why do you think self love and self empowerment is so important?
Without it we simply exist in a life, often defined by others. We are beings with ingrained belief systems which may not always be necessary in our lives as we grow and develop emotionally and spiritually. Our choices in life are our own, and too often I see people making these decisions based on what they THINK is right, or what they believe they SHOULD do, or what the social norm is, or what their parents believe to be the right path….rather than listening to their heart and creating their reality from there.
Self love is vital for an honest life. If we deny ourselves the love we deserve and continue to speak in a negative manner to our deepest self we will ultimately remain small and self destruct on a small or large scale.
Self empowerment is about recognizing you deserve to love yourself and from there set your ‘values’ in relationships, openly and unapologetically establish boundaries for yourself in life and live with an abundance of empathy, love and acceptance for self and others. Who wouldn’t want that?!

4. What made you switch over to a no-tox beauty routine?
I have always been very invested in minimising the toxic load on my body, my mother was amazing at using natural remedies where possible and I guess that rubbed off on me. While my daughter was young I began to make our own balms, toothpaste, lipbalms, hand soaps, cleaning products etc and from there I knew I could never go back. From there I made the decision to change our entire household and in one big swipe I got rid of every make up item and skincare item in the house and replaced it all. It’s simply taken on a life of its own since then. 

5. What is your favourite green beauty product?
Oh gosh there are soooo many, I don’t think I could narrow it down to even a handful; we’re so blessed to have so much variety. But I have to say that I become incredible attached to the products with soul, products that are blessed with spiritual practices and created with so much intent an quality that it is essentially a sacred practice for me to use them. You can tell the products which encompass such belief and it truly transforms you in that moment of use. Some of the brands which do this for me are yours truly- Hanako, Alyssum Alchemy, Clemence Organics, Be Genki and Earthwise Beauty. All of their products are absolutely heart centred and life changing for me.

6. Walk us through your daily beauty routine.
Eek it involves many products simply so I can get through them haha.
I usually change my skincare intuitively, I let my skin tell me what it needs each day/week/month based on what I am naturally drawn to, otherwise I get too caught up in what I “think” my skin needs and end up overwhelmed and dripping in products!
My routine is pretty extensive at the moment due to the change of season and my skin always being affected (quite dry) going into winter.
My morning involves a quick water facewash, a mist (usually one of the brands listed above – Clemence, Alyssum Alchemy, Be Genki or another gorgeous Australian brand such as Mothernature Skincare or Kiss Ready Lips).
I then follow with the Nap in the Meadow by Earthwise Beauty, Camu Brightening Serum by Luxe Botanicals and finally either the Amazing Basic Moisturizer by Earthwise Beauty OR any of the moisturizers by La Mav. I always finish my morning routine with a spritz of the Hanako I Am…Clarity Mist to set me up for the day.
 My evening routine I currently cleanse with the Alyssum Alchemy Divine Dew Drops Radiance Oil, followed by a mist, Kypris Moonlight Catalyst for a natural retinol alternative, Ferns and Moss Serum by Earthwise Beauty mixed with the La Mav Antioxidant Rich Nightly Repair Nectar for extra hydration and finally finish with the La Mav Bio VA5 Wrinkle Smoothing Crème and Firming Eye Lotion.
 When my skin settles I decrease it to a simple mist, serum and moisturizer. It’s important to let the skin be itself and then support it when it needs it due to illness, change in environment or otherwise.

7. How do you stay grounded (e.g. meditation, cooking etc).
I don’t always, I am naturally someone who needs to work at staying grounded, I can be very flighty and caught up in my thoughts, so I meditate daily if I can and if not then definitely 3-4 times per week. It can be as simple as a guided meditation that I pop on (and often fall asleep to to manifest) as I go to bed, or I’ll do a proper intentional meditation, often after doing a card reading for myself.
Other than that I stay centered by going to the gym every morning during the week to have some time for myself and charge for the day.
I also do chi- building exercises at home on the mornings I don’t make it to the gym.
I also love to bake, it’s my little escapism so when I don’t want to deal with something I’ll start baking and it grounds me, or distracts me for long enough to then be ready to face the challenge.

8. 3 Instagram accounts and/or blogs you are loving right now?
I’m obsessed with anything spiritual or personal development based so I love Rock and Jar Living for all their pretty crystals, Preston Smiles and Alexi Panosfor their stunningly motivating content and Alyssum Alchemy for her gentle and beautiful approach to all things life plus the beauty that is her skincare!

9. If a song could describe your life, which would it be?
James Arthur – Say You Won’t Let Go
This song applies to both my self-discovery and my relationship with my husband. It melts me and perfectly describes my relentless hope in love and life.

10. What are your top 5 non-negotiable life values?
Always honour yourself
Never judge
Always show empathy – everyone has a story
Speak your truth
Care for your entire being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual

11. If there was one thing you could tell your 15-year-old self what would it be?
Don’t feel bad about how you feel and don’t conform. Accept yourself for exactly who you are because you have things to offer that no one else in the world can. There is no other you on this planet and that is special!

12. What makes you come alive?
Exercise!!!!!! It is so inspiring, empowering and recharging for me!
Helping others to see their worth!
Listening to music and writing all my heartfelt words

13. If you could have dinner with 3 people alive or dead, who would they be?
Lenny Kravitz – long time lover of this man
Maya Angelou – such an intelligent heart centered person
Eleanor Roosevelt – she said it how it was, she was incredibly progressive for her time.

14. Who is your greatest inspiration?
Without sounding completely arrogant, at this moment it is me!
It is so easy to look outward for inspiration, which is great, but nothing inspires you more than your own actions and self talk. The progress I have made in the past 5 years in my own self development have been huge and completely life changing for me and all of my relationships. I am so happy with where I stand today and that is my inspiration. I seek support from others but not inspiration as such.

15. How important do you think having a spiritual connection with oneself is?
It is everything. It keeps you connected to your purpose in life; it is your connection with source/god/the universe, whatever you believe in. It is your deepest relationship with yourself. It is your intuition, your instincts, your gut feeling, your knowing. There is nothing more important than that. When we lose that or ignore it, we are running in life according to external standards and expectations, rather than our own deep seated knowing.

16. If you could have a superpower what would it be?
To help people see their truest reflection rather than the mask we all wear. If we did this the world would be a whole lot happier and more loving.

17. What do you want to be doing/feeling in 5 years time?
Living my dream! I want to be working solely for myself sharing my message around the world and having the option to choose to work as an Osteopath rather than having to in order to help support my family.
I want to be inspiring and helping women and teenagers around the world see their worth and really live their life as their own inspiration! That right there lights me up more than anything!!!!

18. If you could be transported to any destination in the world right now, where would it be?
Somewhere warm haha. It is freezing here and all I’d love to be doing is playing at the beach with my kids right now!
19. How do you cultivate a balanced heart and mind with so much going on?
Sometimes it is a struggle to be honest and without my husband to talk to about all of my revelations, thoughts and emotions I’d probably be a complete mess. No one understands me quite like he does. It helps to have a partner in crime who is beautifully aligned with you. This helps a lot.
Also the use of my Oracle cards, crystals, conscious and deliberate gratitude and constant hope in life is what keeps me on track.
20. What are you working on at the moment?
I have so many things started and not enough hours in the day or clear thinking/feeling to move forward in the way I want. I am very much a ‘work on things when the time is right and the energy calls me to it’. Creatively I get very stuck if I try to force it. So at the moment I am working on the business and marketing side of my Learning To Be Me Workshops, I am working on an E-book for Self Empowerment for teenagers and I have the beginnings of my own personal book but keep chopping and changing my mind about whether people want to hear my story hahaha.
21. Finally – what has your experience with Hanako elixirs been like (if any)?
AMAZING! I used the Pregnancy Blend in my recent pregnancy and it was so beneficial for calming nerves, harnessing my inner nurturer and assisting in keeping me centred and at peace. I also use the I Am…Clarity blend every day. I always need clarity as I become very caught up in my thoughts and head. They are such beautifully crafted with so much soul and intention embedded in them. I adore them!!!

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