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Dear Mother Earth, thank you

It’s always an interesting experience to delve into the fundamental source of our existence and reach toward the very mother of our being; we could learn a great deal about ourselves while looking into the heart of life.

The heart that is, Mother Earth.

When our eyes are truly open, it becomes difficult to deny the beauty of it all; the way ocean waves kiss the shoreline and desert landscapes bleed inland while towering mountains form a habitat that nourishes us, moment after moment.


When my HANAKO journey started, I was completely and utterly devoted to learning all about plant medicine and the healing powers of nature.

Since I had already studied energetic healing, I had a natural inclination towards aromatherapy and knew there were so many things to be gleamed by connecting with the divine feminine and Mother Nature.


The universe really gave me the sign I needed to take my interest to the next level. On our life-changing road trip around America - especially to Joshua Tree - , which I’ve written about previously, Willow became quite sick and it was my own plant-based concoctions that healed her, and I guess myself!

From that point on my path was set and Hanako came to fruition. 

For me, using natural, Earth friendly products has always been a no brainer. Nature has an unrivalled power to heal, and across cultures and centuries we as people have harnessed its amazing medicinal qualities.

Ancient Romans used ginger as a cardiotonic agent, the Chinese drank sweet wormwood leave to help cure chills and Aboriginal cultures still to this day use native tea tree oil to treat wounds and throat ailments.

Magnificent, isn’t it?


Each and every HANAKO product we now have is made from and with the energetic imprints of plants. Not just for the amazing smells or incredible healing powers, but to help raise our vibrations. In order to reap the full benefits of nature we need to connect on a spiritual level with the abundant well that Mother Earth has on offer.

The moment I embarked on this journey, I began to infuse not only essential oils but also gem, flower essences, and crystal infused water into each sacred elixir. I did this to provide people with a daily ritual of positive intention, so they can reap the benefits of life force.


For me, nothing is more rich and rewarding than fully embracing our innate connection with nature whether it be through grounding or just noticing the harmonious beauty around us with mindfulness practices so we can harbour, deep, soul love in all its glorious forms.

So, this is my ode to the beauty of nature. 

My words are filled with love for Mother Earth and to her I wish to say a heartfelt THANK YOU. I feel blessed to be so connected to you every single day and hope that through our products, users can form their own bonds with your majestic power.

lots of healing love + light 

Rach xo