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The fastest way to gain emotional freedom

The key to gaining emotional freedom is to face your emotions front on. Many of us make our way through life, brushing aside anxieties or ignoring our true feelings. Eventually, our dismissal of very real emotions can leave us trapped in a prism of our own inner-workings. The best way to emancipate yourself?Feel your feelings. Follow the below steps to emotional freedom, keepThe Heart Kit close by and use as necessary, as a boost of strength and love and to help address issues of the heart, with purpose and direction.  
  1. Be mindful when something negative pops into your headspace. Be it thoughts or emotions that surface, do not simply brush them aside. Instead, acknowledge their presence and allow yourself to own them.
  1. Be clear and direct with yourself. Identify the exact thoughts in your inner-monologue which are causing you to be upset. Any feeling that makes you feel anxious or off-balance, be it something from your past, the present moment or a worry about the future, is valid.
  1. Once you’ve identified the exact thought, pay attention to the specific reaction you experience when thinking about it. What does it feel like? How does your body react? Does your head throb, heart ache, stomach clench?.
  1. Now that you’ve identified the exact thoughts and emotions, allow your eyes to close and begin exploring the visualisation of what worries you in your mind. With practise, you will be able to do this without closing your eyes. How do the thoughts and feelings look? Are they colourful, abstract, shapes or figures? Don’t assign any meaning, simply be aware.
  1. Well done for making it half way through a challenging exercise, don’t forget to breath and if you like, take your I AM...Love essence and spray around the crown of your head to keep yourself feeling safe and secure. It would be easy to stop here and carry on as usual suppressing uncomfortable feelings for later. But even taking this time to identify what bothers you sets you down the path of emotional freedom. It only gets better from here!



  1.  This is an important milestone step. Once you have the visualisation of your thoughts and emotions in your head, imagine yourself holding the image in your arms, as gently as a mother holds her child. At this point, I take two drops of the Pink Baby Rose essence from my Heart Kit under my tongue to remind me of unconditional love and give me the strength to continue. Picture the image of your painful emotion being caressed and cared for. Hold it close to your heart and extend to it, directly from your centre, all the warmth, love and sincerity you can muster.
  1. As the final step, communicate to the image, either out loud or in your head, that you acknowledge it. That you promise to look after it and treat it with care until it’s ready to let go. Be sincere in your words - they should come from a real place in your heart.
Congratulations for completing a difficult practise. Although painful at times, remember that by drawing attention to the visualisation of thoughts and emotions, and caring for them, you are taking part in one of nature’s great gifts - love. Don’t shove uncomfortable feelings to the side, embrace them head on and shower them with wholehearted, sincere love. Trust me, they will be grateful for it.
Sending love + healing light,
Rachel xo