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TRIBE TALKS: Elise Carr of Stella Muse

We're so honoured to have interviewed Elise Carr of Stella Muse for our TRIBE TALKS series – a segment that focuses on conscious souls who inspire & cultivate a purposeful life. Take a seat, grab a herbal tea & read on.


1. Tell us a bit about yourself & the work that you do.
My purest focus is mentoring and guiding people to awaken from within. By connecting to their unique quality and the essence that makes them ‘them’. While also letting go of all that no longer serves.
For some people, they want to explore this journey through the various healing modalities I offer. Others want to take the path of blending sacred sexuality, spirituality and soul to raise consciousness through the way of Tantra. Then there are those who are drawn to the one on one deep dive Sacred Guidance sessions to immerse in the dynamic work of polarizing their personality with their heart and emotions, and their mind, to work towards fully embodying their Soul and purpose.
Healing, releasing and evolving as you learn to know yourself and your truth, then live from that place, is BIG work. It is learning a new way of life. So, I meet people where they are on their journey and what they are ready for. Be it advancement for consciousness, facing a traumatic dark moment in their life and coming through the pain into healing and growth, or embracing a calling for truth, love and the ancient wisdom and mysteries beyond.
2. How did you first foray into this industry?
Guiding, counseling and inspiring people around me to see their own light has been a role I stepped into at a very early age. I vividly remember in primary school the teachers would sit the students with learning and concentration difficulties next to me so I could offer them extra help, support and encourage them. At times as I got older and was striving for the external accolades and successes I resisted this, not to the point of ever saying “no”, even at my own detriment at times, but wondering when I would reach that point where I could just focus on “me”. As I evolved and had a myriad of awakenings through dark times and challenges, as we all do, I began to find more joy in this ‘service’ being a big part of why I’m here.
Despite walking many a path; from being an international model and foreign correspondent journalist, environmental communications and public relations consultant, to the last eleven years working closer and closer toward sharing an authentic message through writing, speaking and mentoring as a career and vocation. Shining light when others feel they can only see darkness has constantly been a part of this life for me. My soul has always known it, but my personality clearly tried many other ways of ‘trying to be me’ before I realised I wasn’t using the skills and gifts I have to share, that can make an authentic difference.
3. What is the most rewarding thing about working with women and helping them connect with themselves?
The joy of service is a reward in itself. Though when I work with women specifically; one on one or in groups small and large, I feel a connection with the collective feminine. I can see how far we have come and how far we still have to go as women, as society and humanity. While at the same time, I am shown every day the beauty of each woman’s soul. Regardless of if she opens up on a chair in my practice, on the other side of the world via Skype, in the audience at an event or, even in an email to me. When I see the ‘raw and authentic, pained yet brave, uncertain but innately knowing, loving but hungry for love’ women, who do so much, give so much, worry and stress, love and adore, I exhale knowing we can do this. Women already are in some ways and women are opening more and more to growing and deepening, expanding and connecting with their truth, with themselves, with the men in their lives and all those they connect with. It is a relentless process of peeling back layers, of dying and rebirthing. But women know this, it’s part of the feminine. All of that is the reward; when I see their knowing, their truth and love, beauty and wisdom emanating from their very being.
4. What are your top tips on becoming divinely empowered?
Learn to slow down to go within. At least enough to stop for 5-15 minutes every day.
Start with your body being as comfortable as possible. Then move to your breath. There is nothing like 10 deep and full belly inhales and slow complete exhales to help you get present and calm you down enough to turn within.
Perhaps, you need to feel into the emotions you are feeling. (Especially, if you are powering on, telling yourself your fine just to keep going, despite the gnawing pain or unease deep within which is only collecting and amplifying.)
When you feel into yourself ask;
What do I notice?
Am I frustrated, angry, sad, alone, challenged, hurt…?
Take a couple of minutes to get deep enough to feel where you are at. Acknowledge this. It is not about dwelling or rehashing the past, but about being real and raw with yourself that perhaps you are hurt, are in need of love.
Then asses what you choose to feel instead. You may want to feel joy, peace, calm, love, secure and safe enough to be you….
Ask to be shown what that ‘feels’ like if you are unsure.
Ask for guidance too if it resonates with you.
Then feel into this higher vibration through your heart.
This musing and contemplation of feeling is a ‘checking-in’ of your emotional heart space and astral self. It can be a technique to assist you in clearing the way to bring your mind into balance with the heart. It can also prepare you to do concentration work or meditation. Moving along this luminous thread within you can lead you toward your soul and to connecting to that which is greater than you.
To me the door to ‘divine empowerment’ is found within you when you are still, ready and committed to do the work; to cultivate your connection with Spirit and your soul. Your truth. Who you choose to be and how you choose to show up now and each day. Your purpose and your Why?. Your unique quality and gift to the world. All of this will become clearer when you embrace the power of going within.
(I also have a 4 part free video series called the Divinely Empowered Woman that you can sign up to receive at the top of the homepage on

 5. How do you stay grounded (e.g. meditation, cooking etc).
I do a short qi gong grounding practice each morning then I’ll sip a warm lemon water before start my morning practice - this is a non-negotiable time I dedicate to filling up my cup to ground, open and connect so I can better serve. From Tantric and White Tigress practice of massage and mindfulness to, contemplation and meditation. I’m then ready for daily exercise or practice on the yoga mat. And while I practice movement and asana, the other limbs of yoga are just as important to me as a beautiful life philosophy which I embrace. So is nourishing food! I get joy from sourcing and hand choosing bio-dynamic and organic food from the local market (where I know the husband and wife team who grow the veggies and fruits I buy). Preparing food is also a joy; be it just for myself, my beloved, family and friends and even raw vegan treats during sessions for in-person clients. It is something I do even on work trips and holidays – scout and hunt for the nearest organic grocer to prepare yummy wholefood! And when I return home to reconnect with my space I will whip up something delish and nutritious too.
I also love bare feet on the earth, in a garden or on grass and in the sand at the beach. Electrons are fabulous for grounding and Mother Nature just keeps on giving. All we need to do is lovingly open to connecting with her.
6. If a song could describe your life, which would it be?
‘Step by Step’ written by Annie Lennox and revived by Whitney Huston. (Love a good 80’s inspirational dance track)!
7. What are your top 5 non-negotiable life values?
Loving kindness
8. If there was one thing you could tell your 15-year-old self what would it be?The journey to where you are really going will take you longer than you think. What you think you want now isn’t what your soul needs, so this human experience is not going to be easy as you grow and learn to know your True self. There will be heartache and pain, there will be loss and darkness, but you were born to move through, heal and grow from this so you can shine brighter, for yourself and for others. No matter what, you’ve got this. You will rise each time your heart sinks and you will learn to harmonise your body, heart, mind and your Soul with that which is greater than you. Because you will choose love and light every day, no matter if it is a hard choice or effortless. And above all else, you will always know you are loved and you are safe to be loved, for you are love.
9. What makes you come alive?
Sunshine, bare feet on the earth and being near or in the ocean.
A deep conversation with a loved one or teacher about the esoteric mysteries of life, the journey of the soul and service.
Snuggling up with a book I’m studying with a giant pot of herbal tea in reach. Then sharing my learnings and findings in bed with my beloved at night, with my mum and with my dearest friends.
10. If you could have dinner with 3 people alive or dead, who would they be?
Alice Bailey, Caroline Myss and The Buddha
11. Who is your greatest inspiration?
Spirit and Mother Nature
12. How important do you think having a spiritual connection with oneself is?
The connection within to that which is greater than us is of the highest importance. It is our constant reminder of; love, truth, joy, beauty, purpose… It is the ‘real’ in this ‘unreal’ world we have built all around us.
13. If you could have a superpower what would it be?
Telepathy. Also, I wouldn’t mind borrowing Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth too!
14. What do you want to be doing/feeling in 5 years time?
Fully embodying and living my truth and qualities with a deep connection to my soul, so I can live from my most authentic place and serve greater. Joyfully communicating that through the words I share in every form.
15. If you could be transported to any destination in the world right now, where would it be?I’d happily be on the Champs de Mars in Paris having a picnic with my beloved watching the Eiffel Tower and feeling the warmth of the sun. Oh, and don’t forget the organic beetroot chips and strawberries! (I would also gleefully have a stopover in my home town of Perth to swim at the beach with my family, since it’s en route to Paris!)
16. Why do you think living a tantric existence is so important?
As one of the paths to enlightenment it is a conscious way of life. Tantra weaves together all facets of our existence; from confronting the shadow and embracing the light and, the inner union of feminine and masculine, to working with energy and, embodying the qualities of those we meditate on to apply them in our lives. It encourages and invites us to explore and question, experience and evolve far beyond just the body. To a place where the physical of our body temple, the emotions of heart and feelings on the astral, along with the mind on the mental, can unite with all that we are; call it light, call it love, call it Spirit. Devoting your life to this growth of ‘consciousness’ while being of service along the way, to me, is the purpose of humanity. To evolve first as individuals so we can then evolve as a collective and journey together beyond for the greater good of All.
17. How do you cultivate a balanced heart and mind with so much going on?Remembering to always bring myself back to what is true. That is what is important to balance the heart and mind when you feel chaos all around. That’s being the calm in the storm. This means slowing down to create space and take time. For me the key is the non-negotiable practice and meditation I mentioned. It is in giving myself time especially each morning to cultivate how I will be for the day; Tantric and Tigress practice with the body, heart and mind work through concentration practices, meditation and esoteric studies for the mind and soul etc. then being of service and any way I’m called. I also find in moments of un-ease picking up a book I’m studying and reading a page or two, making a herbal tea and/or removing myself from a situation that isn’t flowing, to gain clarity through a perspective shift, can all help balance, reconnect and have me come back fresh.
18. What are you working on at the moment?
Bridging the gap between the ‘form’ of this material world, the lower nature of desires and personality wants, with my soul. So, I can be the most authentic version of self. This means also focusing my energy where it is going to be of the greatest good and most service. This requires work on letting go of things that no longer serve; relationships, habits, practices and rituals, old beliefs and the dialogue of internal thoughts that pop up when I least expect.  I am also balancing the publishing of my first novel, writing my second book on women’s essence; yoni-heart-mind connection, writing a new e-book/course on feminine journeying within, all while showing up everyday for myself, my loved ones and each client, and all those I connect with along the way with love and light.

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