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The Ultimate Mystical Gift Guide

Crystals and minerals are beautiful – stunning pieces to admire. On a deeper, more intentional note these shimmering rocks have been harnessed for centuries and across many cultures - Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese, Indian Vedic and Native American cultures all used these materials in healing ceremonies and for personal adornment with the intention of benefiting energy.

Then there's talisman - palo santo, sage... the list goes on. Gifting these mystic pieces is not only an ancient practice but one that shows you’ve put the effort in to connect to the needs of your giftee in hopes of making their life all the more bright and abundant.

We’ve put together a gift guide to suit the entire spectrum of our loved ones

The budding psychic - They're usually a Pisces, empath and able to finish all of your sentences,Black Obsidian works on a deep energetic level to increase spiritual awareness and clairvoyant abilities. Seen as the magicians stone meditating with this dark piece will open up the Ajna (third eye) enabling a clearer interpretation of energies and meanings from our environment.

Those in transition - Most of us have a friend who is in a transitory stage, either following a break-up, moving house or changing career.White Sageis a timeless gift for these souls, used over many histories to rid spaces and auras of unwelcome spirits, the sweet smelling smoke is a simple way to cleanse the home and the heart.

A friend in need- We all go through darker times, times in which we don’t trust our intuition, broken hearts and disappointments can build up in the heart space.Rose Quartzpromotes heart healing, providing unconditional self-love and a softening of any lingering negativity. Crystals in point form act as Generators - meaning that any energy that comes through or from the crystal is in a purified and distilled format - the healing from these points is amplified.

The Manifestor - They're in flow, making waves and seems to be on the path to getting exactly what they want. To assist in this process give the gift of abundantCitrine for prosperity from finance to career progression, finding love and fulfilling those wish lists Citrine is the manifestors best friend.

The Realist- For those more grounded souls, usually the Earth signs amongst us, who are much more eager to square the bill and talk business than inhabiting an esoteric dreamland aClear Quartz Generatoris a simply, minimalist and visually stunning specimen. Clear Quartz work to absorb negative energies and imbue a feeling or clarity.

Bohemian Beauty - On the other end of the spectrum for your friend who can read natal charts with one eye closed and pick your Human Design type every timeLemurian Seed Crystalis also, a little more out there. They may not have heard of this enigmatic stone, with its rich hued phantoms and calming energy, this crystal is a Healer’s Stone, working to heal deep seated issues and past hurt of a subtle body level.

Earth Warriors - Palo Santo is a South American Holy Wood related to Frankincense, the smoke of this wood is used in Native American ceremony. It’s believed that this smoke not only grounds but wards off unhelpful spirits, leaving behind a purified, clean state for conjuring your own magic.

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