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Letting go in the aftermath of mercury retrograde

Mercury Retrograde

We recently came out of Mercury Retrograde - the final retrograde for 2018. Though it's worth mentioning that whenever a planet's retrograde ends, it doesn't instantly snap back to normal. It takes a little while to find equilibrium again due to the retrograde's shadow. The good news is we'll be completely out of the woods by December 24, just in time for Christmas and New Year's. On the other end of the spectrum, it's deeply important to nurture and nourish ourselves throughout this frame of time.

What does is it mean when we say a planet is in retrograde anyway?

It means that from Earth, in our skies it appears as if the planet is going backwards – it’s not – that would be a much bigger issue. Our heavenly bodies are after all here to protect and enlighten us, the planets don’t want to harm us, astrology is a tool for right living, for opening our hearts to the most abundant life possible not for producing fear.

When we hear about Mercury Retrograde the conversation usually refers to computer meltdowns, databases gone awry, communication breakdowns and someone will usually blame that missed email on this elusive planetary alignment.

And yes, do heed to the advice that you shouldn’t sign important contracts, start or finish partnerships during this alignment as you may be operating from a less grounded space, however, we can use this retrograde for our spiritual betterment.

Owning Mercury Retrograde and the shadows that follow –

Instead of fearing this planetary shift, take this time to slow down, reflect and cultivate a gratitude practice, in amongst our busy lives, responsibilities, dreams and wishes there isn’t much space for appreciating whatalready is.

Now that we've come out of it, it's time to let go. UseThe Letting Go Alchemy Kitand create a gratitude ritual – following a brief meditation, movement or breath practice of your choice take pen to paper to write as list of as many things you can think of that you’re utterly grateful for. Give yourself a time limit of five or ten minutes and let the thanking energy flow – this practice is proven to stimulate the production of happy hormones in the body so expect to feel excellent afterwards.

Through this ritual you might find that there are some things that you’re grateful for but no longer need to keep learning their associated lessons, use the Meridian Blend duoon pulse points to help you release and move on to brighter energetic uses.

Surely though there will be testing times during a Mercury Retrograde – usually around work, deadlines and communication (a tip for this time – do not text – just call them, make the conversation clear and open because everything is more likely to be misinterpreted when Mercury is on the table) for periods of uncertainty envelop yourself in the softness ofI AM... Supported.

For times when you are misinterpreted and all of the intricate conversations just seem a little too difficult a few dropsPink Baby Rose in a vessel with filtered water + a small rose quartz helps to heal and open the heart-space, creating a softening there.

Above all things understand that this mysterious planet is helping you grow and lean into the possibilities that await with that forward momentum.


You are loved and supported dear ones.


Image via Unsplash