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A ritual for the last New Moon of 2018

New Moon


Usually just once a month (apart from the occasional Blue Moon) our skies are graced with a New Moon – elusive and enigmatic we hear about circles and rituals but what does this lunation actually serve?

The New Moon is a time of darkness when the Earth covers the Moon with shadow, traditionally this is a time of magic, of quiet, stillness and reflection. New Moons offer slowness and a calm alternative to the vibrant, abundant harvest that the Full Moon represents.

This lunation is a perfect invitation to look at the month, and in December the year that has passed, to question and assess the choices that we’ve made, the paths that we’ve walked and how we got to the point that we’re inhabiting now.

For this reflective reason New Moon’s are a great time to practice ritual – one of releasing anything that is no longer serving – big things like misplaced career opportunities and seemingly small things like nagging negative self-talk. This is a moment in time that we’re presented with the opportunity to release these unhelpful habits and make room for more beneficial patterns.

As well as being a marker to create new self-loving ways of existing the New Moon can also act as a detoxification process this is a great time to also begin a physical cleanse avoiding alcohol, poor diet choices and making a commitment to healthy living for the month ahead – think of it as a Christmas pre-cleanse. Harness the power of the New Moon to help you through these more testing periods, understand that she is an omnipresent force of feminine energy that will assist you however you intend.

Creating a ritual for the New Moon

Make space - carve out time a physical place for you to get into the right alignment for the ritual, I love lighting candles and using scents to conjure the best energetic vibration – theI Am Grounded, Brave Gift Pack contains two nourishing, grounding scents and a piece of Rose Quartz.

This crystal is all about non-negotiable, unconditional self-love – a wonderful crystal to help you move on from damaging patterns and self-talk dialogues, a perfect accompaniment to our ritual.

Now take two small pieces of paper and a pen or pencil.

With your candles lit andI AM... Grounded filling the air sit in meditation for 5 minutes on what you’re hoping to release, on the first piece of paper write‘thank-you for serving me, for helping me get to grow, with love and kindness I release … ‘

Sincerely thank the person, job, pattern, habit, situation and go back into another 5 minute meditation.

In this second meditation imagine all of the more magical and potent ways that you could use your energy in the month ahead – one thing will call out to you more clearly – on the second piece of paper write‘I am ready, available and open to bring more ….. into my life, thank-you Universe.’

Sit with this manifestation and visualise how it would feel to have or inhabit this intention.

Take the first piece of paper and either tear it up or bury it in the earth (a pot plant will do just fine), make this action intentional with a mist ofI AM...Brave - offering your old energetic cords under the light of the New Moon.

Take the second piece of paper and our beautifulRose Quartz, fold the intention and place it on a windowsill, sitting the crystal on top. Leave this intention here for the full month and come back to it at the first New Moon of the New Year, you might find that you’ve already achieved this, that your mind has changed or that you need to keep working on it.

You can do this beautiful ritual during any lunar cycle, or whenever your soul is drawn to it.

Blessings to you on this journey.

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