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Tarot and Astrology Insights for 2019


We have the wonderful Clara from Seed of Self providing us with astrological insights and downloads for 2019. Let her wisdom permeate your being.

"As we reach the threshold of another calendar year we have an opportunity to pause and review, consult and interpret what we’re hoping will come in the year ahead. 2018 was the year of the High Priestess - she is a Major Arcana card in the Tarot and represents all things mystical, magical, feminine intuition at its most potent and being connected with your internality. It has been the year of stepping away from the slough of the everyday, for removing dross and getting clearer on who we really are, on where we are truly headed. However, many of us might have felt that 2018 was the year of The Chariot another Major Arcana card (meaning the more significant, bigger and more influential moments throughout a lifetime) which is the symbol of a carriage rattling forward into the distance. We were on track, we were barrelling into our future without much of an opportunity to stop and breathe, while self-care became an on-trend term it wasn’t something that we were always able to fit in or make a priority with this energy of extreme forward momentum.

I’m intuiting that 2019 in contrast is the year of the Two of Cups.

A Minor Arcana card - the Cups suit relate to watery emotions and the full spectrum of how and what we feel in this life - from grief, heartbreak to total contentment. The Two of Cups is symbolized by usually a man and woman tapping their full chalices in a ‘cheers’, celebratory, connecting expression. The Tarot that I read from is the MotherPeace deck and in this rendition our scene is a Merman and Mermaid tapping wine glasses with an ocean, moonlight sky and dolphin in the background.

This card is often interpreted as a form of union, mostly romantic so while this is a good sign for lovers and offers 2019 as an auspicious time for marriage I like to view this card as a coming together of our selves. We fractured and separated in 2018, the push and shove of the years pressures, responsibilities clashing with wishes and dreams developed cracks in our identity. Questions beckoned‘but who am I truly?’,‘how is my life serving community?’,‘how am I living my dharma?’

And at the years’ end this questioning has birthed a new sense of identity, necessities and manifestations - we’ll be operating from a calmer, more grounded and more integrated way of being. The pieces of yourself that have felt disconnected or out of date will be welcomed and accepted by the rest of you - even if that is only to be accepted as a faint memory.

To move forward we need to integrate, we need to live in light and shadow - stop fighting with the parts of yourself that don’t fit into your idea of the perfect life - allow yourself to be whole.

The feeling of balance, harmony and being at one with the universe is being laid out for 2019 with the Tarot.

In terms of Astrology for the year ahead our heavenly bodies are providing a breath of fresh air for all of the signs after three years of struggling energetically we’re all given a dose of positivity, love and freedom in 2019, finance, career, way of life and every kind of union will be supported by the skies.

We begin the year with a partial Solar Eclipse on January 5-6, these eclipses are always instigators of reinvention, change, renewal and the perfect support to reinstate those New Year resolutions.

We will be dealing with some first quarter year clashes with Uranus and Pluto but let’s look at that as a hangover from 2018 - an astrological settling - following these there will be much reprieve and the space for a more harmonic state of being.

Since December 2017 and to December 2020 we have Saturn the planet of work, identity and law in Capricorn the earthy sign of service, this means that we’re not only in a state of completely reviewing all structures in our lives but we’re beginning to see some of the fruits of our efforts over the last 28 years Saturn cycle. In 2018 we worked hard, without a break and in 2019 the glimmers of fortune, appreciation and manifestation come to the fore. Our hard work bears achievement this coming year, we can be proud of what we’ve accomplished and our community along with the world at large will be receptive of the efforts we’re giving. With Saturn in Capricorn the renegotiating of structures is imminent, as a collective we’re looking into what a career looks like, what we expect from our governments, the definition of romance (it’s not surprising that Australia finally legalised same sex marriage within this astrological make up) and the rules that we’ve created within our own lives. Expect change, expect new formations and let go of restricting thought patterns to create room for more healthy lifestyles in 2019.

Lastly, the lovers will be given a touch of light energy with Jupiter - planet of luck and good fortune coming into Scorpio in November, Scorpio rules unions, marriage, relationships and can be on the heavier side of things. With Jupiter there to shed some brighter light of the your love weddings and any kind of union is more auspicious at this time of the year.

Overall, 2019 is shaping up to be a year of harmony, balance, calm and integration - use this year to accept yourself, to fall in love with yourself again."

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