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Summer sleep remedies & how to help insomnia

When we experience sleeplessness, it often represents unhealed emotional wounds we’re carrying around. It’s our consciousness trying to tell us something. Our inner selves are screaming at us, “Something’s up, it’s not ok!”.

In order to beat the insomnia blues that so often afflicts our busy minds, it’s imperative that we stop, take a moment, and listen to what our spirit is trying to tell us.

When you’re burning the candle at both ends and sleep evades you, it helps to turn to some divine guidance. Take heed of your emotions and release inner turmoil.




Tuning in to your inutition sometimes be easier said than done. When I’m facing sleepless nights, I like to keep a bottle of I AM...BLISS by my night stand. Each night before I go to sleep, I spray I AM...BLISS around the crown of my head and all over my body while repeating the affirmation, “I am calm, centred and at peace. I live from moment to moment. All is well”. The sandalwood helps me relax and uplifts me so that I can reach a higher consciousness. Letting go of negativity and frustrations before sleep gives me clarity and instils balance and peace to my subconscious self. I always sleep better when I take a moment to just be before bed!


Also important for relaxing the body before bed is taking a deliberate moment to slow down. Brew yourself some tea, take a cup and sit in a soothing, comfortable place. This is a moment just for you, to let thoughts disappear, slow your breathing and prepare physically for a good night’s sleep.


Despite my best attempts, sometimes when I’m lying in bed one million and one thoughts just won’t quit whirling around my mind. At this moment, I turn to mindfulness practices to help disperse the anxiety and stress that’s keeping the adrenaline running through my body. Mindfulness 101: concentrate on your breathing. Breathe in through your nose for four seconds, hold your breath for seven seconds then exhale through your mouth for eight. This trick has helped me conquer many-a  sleepless night.

Goodnight Baby


When all else fails, Goodnight Baby is my ultimate blend of soothing and relaxing plant-based oils. For me, bub or hubby, I love massaging a few drops of Goodnight Baby under the feet to help let go of the day’s adventures. Repeat the affirmation.The lavender, chamomile and 100% organic Jojoba oil relaxes and calms the mind and helps restore balance to the auric field for a peaceful transition into sleep.

I hope these tips help you sleep better this summer and help you kiss goodbye to tired days! Good night.

lots of healing love + light
Rach xo