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Rose Quartz Heart Healing Meditation

Rose Quartz: A stone that represents unconditional love, joy, compassion and healing. Having this stone close within your energy field will work its wonders by vibrating and resonating out its loving energy impacting not only your own energy but those around you. Placing this stone on the heart or higher heart can bring a sense of deep emotional healing particularly good when one is moving through challenges, grief or relationship issues, helping to dissolve frustration, sadness, anger and resentment gifting you with a sense of peace and calm. 
This visual Meditation is extremely valuable when we are facing challenges or difficult times in life or with others. It helps us to go within and release fears and negative reactions from built up anger and irritability allowing us to feel the warmth of our heart and keep our heart space open and receptive.
1. Laying down in savasana gently place a rose quartz on the heart and gently close your eyes. Imagine now right at the hearts centre in the middle of the chest a beautiful soft pink/gold healing light.
2. Keep your imagination on this healing pink light, feeling the warmth of your heart and begin to see it start radiating out to the rest of the body, leaving your whole body resting in a beautiful golden pink bubble of healing light.
3. Now start to visualise others around you that you would like to touch with this healing pink/golden light and extend this light out to them, if you have stronger ‘'negative” emotions to someone you can visualise them standing in front of you then silently or aloud say “I forgive and I release you” as you bathe yourself and them in this light, keep saying it until the strength of the emotion starts to dissipate and you are both left bathing in the golden pink healing light.
4. As long as you need to keep radiating out this warming healing light do so and when you feel ready bring your attention back to your own body, then to your heart and begin to see the light fade to a balanced vibration.
5. Feel yourself grounded back in the room and on the floor and gently open your eyes.
This was a snippet from our Big Book of Crystal Meditations. For the full shebang, download this FREE here.