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Connecting to your heart chakra for deeper living

Hanako Heart Chakra

Sometimes when the chest feels heavy or tight, it is trying to tell you something. A signal to Breathe. Ground. Connect. Slow down. Come back into the heart to purge any murky energy.

SELF LOVE MEDITATION: Close your eyes and connect with your breath. Take your attention to the heart and let it rest there. The heart is the ever knowing, authentic, guiding compass to your journey and the helper of moving forward gracefully. 

Can you sit with your feelings? Can you hold space for them; nurturing them lovingly until they are released with compassion and acceptance?

What is coming up at this time? What needs to be surrendered and let go? Breathe through the pain. Keep the heart open. 

Breathe in life force. Breathe out all that no longer serves you. Do this for as long as it takes to feel a sense of peace within.


Count your blessings; embody the lessons 

There is a message or lesson to be learned with all relationships that cross our path, and always a reason it chose our path to cross.

We learn about self – how far can we be stretched?

What do we allow?

What is it that needs healing within?

Why did I attract this particular relationship? 

Once we listen to and learn from these messages it allows us to open to forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love, and allows anger and resentment to melt away. The heart can then be soft, open and receptive to higher love and relationships. 

Always remember: beliefs that are ready to be transformed show you the way through their shadows. Be willing to follow your process into seeming darkness and discomfort, to find the gifts being offered there, apparent enclosures and limitations are only disguised opportunities to expand.


As we unfold into the busiest season of the year (can you believe it’s almost Christmas!), now is a beautiful time best spent in deep reflection, introspection and inner/spiritual focus as we let go of whatever we are holding onto physically, emotionally and metaphysically and shed layers that do not serve us any longer. 

The HANAKO HEART KIT is perfect for this. Just like THE LETTING GO KIT, it helps release energetic blocks – but in an even deeper way. It opens your heart centre, letting you sink into aspects of love and connection.


HANAKO The Heart Kit   HANAKO The Heart Kit


If you've been struggling with letting go or making peace of past or current relationships, the 4-step kit will guide you in addressing any unprocessed emotions which can cause heart energy to close or ‘harden’, leaving one less receptive to new experiences and relationships.

After using each of the formulas, you'll emerge with the clarity and tools for self love so you can nourish your spirit and know that you are intrinsically worthy. 

You might also want to rest a Rose Quartz beside you when using these sacred potions. Rose Quartz is the ultimate self love stone. It holds a very gentle vibration of love for the holder and anyone who comes in contact with it. It helps you tune into your softer side, listen deeply to your heart and mend relationships with grace.


From hereon, wherever you go, and whatever you do, become aware of anything that suggests you are not worthy to receive all that you desire. Self judgment can seriously hamper your evolution. Always, ALWAYS, love yourself first and foremost and live in alignment with the compass of your heart.


lots of love + healing light
Rachel xo