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Match your high vibe crystal to your high vibe mist

Some wonderful forms of healing from nature form part of what is known as 'vibrational medicine' which takes into account the many forms and frequencies of vibrating energy (like atoms) that contribute to the multi-dimensional human energy system.

These include crystals and crystal-charged formulas which utilise the power of plant and flower imprints to produce an extremely high vibration that begin to merge with the bio-energetic field of a person to create a healing effect. This healing effect can liberate and transform lower energy patterns like guilt, fear and resentment. 

The ability for crystals to store and transmit information is so incredible, we've written a blog post that helps pair some of your beloved Hanako mists and essences with their relative stone for a juiciest, high vibrational, multi-sensory experience that will guide you along your journey back to the Divine. Read on tribe!


Rose Quartz is a stone that represents unconditional love, joy, compassion and healing.
Having this stone close within your energy field will work its wonders by vibrating and resonating out its loving energy impacting not only your own energy but those around you.
Placing this stone on the heart or higher heart can bring a sense of deep emotional healing particularly good when one is moving through challenges, grief or relationship issues, helping to dissolve frustration, sadness, anger and resentment gifting you with a sense of peace and calm. 

Pairing this with I AM...Love, an essence of the heart, will allow you to feel safe, secure and supported while allowing your heart to open, let go, soften, and trust.


For someone who needs a healthy dose of lion-hearted bravery.

Citrine crystals are best known for bringing about enlightenment, optimism, warmth, and clarity.

One of the less well known Citrine properties are their strong ability to soothe fear and anxiety – those energy-sappers that drain our soul of the strength needed to forge on forward. By allowing yourself to let go of your fear, it may aid you to be able to accept into your life the good that is coming your way. 

When combined with the power of I AM... BRAVE and affirmations, it can help to open up the third eye and unlock your imagination, to better imagine anything that you desire and call it into your life.

I recommend using it with a spray of I AM... BRAVE over the auric body, to fully step in your power. You can also cleanse your Citrine Quartz Point with Brave to supercharge its vibrational magic. 


Amethyst is a great all-round Healer.

It is a form of quartz that is gentle yet powerful in vibration helping to transform negative energy into positive.

Spiritually and emotionally it encourages peace, balance, harmony and healing, making it a great stone to use for spiritual work and growth.

Particularly good to use with I AM... BALANCED on the third eye and crown helping to clear out old thoughts and patterns and creating positive spaciousness, clarity and connection to Divine within us and around us.

This will shower your being with a sense of joy, ease and adaptability, activating your fire within, giving you the calm strength and confidence to go out and accomplish all that you need to with ease and grace.