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Interview: Anna Lavdaras from PHILE

Anna Lavdaras is founder of Philé - a lifestyle label mostly comprised of monogrammed cashmere blankets and scarves. Up until recently, she was the beauty writer at Harper’s BAZAAR Magazine Australia, and before that, the resident fashion features writer at SHOP til you Drop Magazine. Anna still freelances as a writer and content producer, but for the most part, left magazines behind to grow Philé. Today we chat to her about career, life and how the right linen can contribute to a great night's sleep.

1) What was the inspiration behind the launch of PHILE?

I’ve always had an appreciation for good quality fabrics (my grandmother was a seamstress so It’s definitely in the blood). When one of my good friends had a baby a couple of years back, I was blown away by what brands were charging for cashmere baby blankets - there was just nothing in my price bracket, so I figured I’d do it myself! I extended the range to include adult blankets and woven shawls, keeping the colour palette neutral so they would never date. The monogramming was just a fun add-on which made them the perfect gifting pieces.

2) How can our interiors and bed linen impact our sleep environment?

Fabrics for bedding play a major role in how well we sleep - ideally we want to be cool enough so our bodies can drop off into a deep sleep, but warm enough so we stay comfortable all through the night. Cashmere has been shown to do this exact thing, keeping the heart rate slow and steady while also absorbing excess moisture (it can absorb more than 30% of it’s own weight in water) so you stay warm and dry in winter, and cool in the heat. Finally it’s super soft, and who doesn’t love that!?

3) Name your number one all-time favourite wellness tip?

Intermittent fasting is my new favourite trick (inspired by Michael Mosley’s 5:2 diet) for staying healthy and happy - it's incredible how much energy you can gain just by giving your digestive system some time to rest and regenerate. I also love Dandelion Tea, about an hour before meals and right before bed - it just lulls you straight to sleep.


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