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Say hello to... Rose Quartz Generators

I am so excited to introduce you to our newest arrivals... Rose Quartz Generators!
A crystal of the heart 💗

Their beauty and energy radiates unconditional love and compassion so it's naturally a beautiful one for placing on the heart space or higher heart, bringing a sense of deep emotional healing, peace and calm.

These can used during meditation, holding in the palm of your hands, kept beside the bedside or anywhere you are wanting to create a sacred space.


This Rose Quartz Generator will make a statement in your sacred space. She radiates love through all her milky pinky goodness and brings about unconditional love and infinite peace.

She is a traditional healing tool and has the ability to focus energy tightly through her tip. 

The healing that rose quartz offers are for matters particularly directed at the heart centre (4th Chakra) where traumatic memories and emotional wounds may be festering



1.Cleanse and bless your crystal with your chosen I AM... Aromatherapy spray.

2.Seat yourself in a softly illuminated room.

3. Hold the crystal in your left hand and gaze upon it. Close your eyes and "attune" yourself to the soft pink colour of the stone.

4. Breathe rhythmically, in through the nose and out through the mouth, visualising a pinky ray emitting from your rose quartz and bathing you in its glorious loving light. Allow it to fill your lungs and your chest space, where your heart resides, unblocking all tightness, trauma and sadness, and allowing you to sink in the comforting feeling of love.

5.Stay here for as long as you like, letting fear, tension and anxiety melt away. 

6. When you are ready to end your rose quartz meditation, count backwards from ten to one.

AFFIRMATION: “ I am worthy of love. I am worthy of love. I am worthy of love." 


Image 1 courtesy of Pinterest