Oct 30, 2016


With every new season, new month and new day, we are given the opportunity to reassess, readjust and realign with new levels of love and light. More often than not, this means facing the horizon and letting go of what no longer serves us so that we are open to receiving all that does.


The New Moon in Scorpio means that we may be rocked to the core with the torrent of eclipses that we feel occurring all around us and sometimes we need chaos before we are able to feel peace.

All of the events of this year have been in preparation for the final few months of the year when we will finally start to put the puzzle together and see what has been right in front of us all along.

There is magic brewing.

New moon is always a time when something is itching to start anew. When it's time to let go gently.


For you, my friend, it's time to use the Supermoon to unearth your soul, state your intentions and infuse your very being with the flow of life force energy to co-create with magic so you can allow an expansion of consciousness to take place.


This notion rings true to me at the moment. Someone very near and dear to me went in for a procedure and while in there they found, luckily very early, stage 1 lymphoma.

My world has been rocked. The recent full moon was quite a big emotional release for me while I surrendered all the emotions and came to acceptance for what is.  


Letting go and filling myself up on nature's healing energy; it was particularly special to be under the Desert Moon and in the sacred lands of the Indian Canyon, Yucca Valley and beyond.

What has been really healing is that my family and I were all on this holiday and spending quality time with one another.

Though we have now all gone our separate ways, it was amazing after being given the news to be on this holiday together.

For me, it's what life is all about. Family, quality time with loved ones, supporting, laughing, crying, loving and giving to each other.

Heading back home to Austraila, I am ready to birth into reality all that I have been working on internally to foster abundant love and kindred connections with my family and wider circle. 

There is no better time than now for new beginnings, for expressing oneself and pioneering ahead. For healing. For loving. For learning.


Below I’ve listed some guiding steps to help you surrender anything that has been keeping you shackled, so you can launch an arrow to your target and work on going after your highest dreams and wishes.


An aura and space cleansing ritual, burning sage (also known as smudging) is an ancient practice that I love undertaking to clear and bless my space. Light your sage sticks with both intention and awareness in equal measure. Watch the sage as it burns. Pay attention to how your body feels physically letting go, and how your mind mentally lets go of the energy you are releasing into the flames. Accompany this sacred practice with Sage Brush Essence.


Unconscious journaling is an awesome way to summon repressed emotions and cleanse and clear them out of your energetic field through deeper understanding and awareness. First thing in the morning, wake up and put pen to paper. Let the ball roll, or words fly, in a continuous motion without thinking about it. Create pages of thoughts without focusing on an end goal; rather, cultivate an appreciation for the act of making time to address your thoughts and feelings. The answers will show up when they need to.



Meditation, in all of its many forms, can transform and transcend the mind, body and spirit. Sitting in stillness will help you disconnect from the hysteria of the mind and it can also act as a beautiful time to set your intentions, practice gratitude for all that you have and work on creating a more peaceful life for yourself and others. Let the I AM... Sprays envelop your senses as you sink into alignment with self.


One of my favourites; there’s nothing more freeing or cleansing than a swim in the sea. Renew your soul, refresh your spirit and release whatever it is you’re holding on to. Dive into the pounding surf and let the negative ions wash away your worries.


If you are really struggling with letting go of something or someone, or simply want to cultivate present-moment-living, I recommend indulging in the beautiful rituals within the ‘Letting Go Kit’

I leave all four elixirs beside my bed and before getting up in the morning, I use the Pink Baby Rose Essence (two drops under the tongue). Aiding in the healing of the heart, it reminds us that all that has been, all that is and all that is to come is done with unconditional love. Beginning the day by surrendering your heart to a higher self sets the tone and precedent to make space for new, positive energy. After all, the heart is the ever-knowing, authentic, guiding compass to your life journey and the helper of moving forward gracefully.

I AM… SUPPORTED is the next step, and encourages resilience by enhancing your inner strength, and helping to release pain and hurt. Let it spritz over you, like a nurturing hug. Repeat affirmation: "It is safe for me to let go of any sadness and pain, I nurture my beautiful self during this time. I am loved and I accept, inner strength and peace fill my being."

Finally, the duo of Meridian Blends of the Metal Element corrects and aligns the Lung and Large Intestine meridian lines. Assisting with self-acceptance and self-love, one of the main aspects of the metal element is letting go. It helps release resistance to ‘what is’ and allows acceptance and an opening up to ‘just be’, so that the ebb and flow of the day can be more easily and elegantly glided through. 

Follow your intuition and your own guidance when conducting any of the above rituals, they are designed to be simple so you can adapt them anyway that feels right to you. 

Above all else be gentle; respond with love and compassion. You are coming home to yourself.

Rach xo


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  • Posted On November 01, 2016 by Mid

    I’m letting go of all that I think I have to be, I that I think I am and allowing the true me to resurface… she’s be hidden for too long lost in a wave of grief and trauma and sickness and pain and I finally want to set her free…

  • Posted On October 31, 2016 by Rebecca

    Letting go of the ‘what if’s’ , the sadness , the regrets and guilt

    Embracing love , the sacred memories , keeping her spirit alive , a second child , embracing change, appreciation loving every moment of every day ?

  • Posted On October 31, 2016 by naturallyalice

    I think what I’m starting to let go of is the fear of being different and not being accepted into a crowd. If I’m like everyone else, it’s boring and just not me. So I’m trying to embrace my differences and show the world who I really am and not who people want me to be. Because it’s our differences that make us special and unique.

    PS- Love your Insta feed and brand! Entered the giveaway xx

  • Posted On October 31, 2016 by Andrea

    I’m letting go of old hurts and embracing new opportunities in people, places and love.

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