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Staying grounded through the festive season


It’s that time again.

That magical, amazing, crazy, beautiful, oh-so-stressful period.

The holiday season is upon us! 

As the year comes to an end, now more than ever is the time for grounding your spiritual energy and disconnecting from the hysteria of the mind. 

I’ve put together a list of ways you can strategically prepare and ground yourself for the frenzied months ahead, to achieve a calm spirit and keep you standing strong during testing moments.


When memories of relationships bad or good start to fester and dampen our magical light, we must refocus our vision, remembering that all relationships serve a purpose. Pink Baby Rose essence allows one to access a deep yet subtle level of healing, shrouded with a message of unconditional love. Especially receptive to areas around the heart, a loving essence helps to remind us: all that has been and that is, is done so with unconditional love. 


For many, the festive season can bring up unresolved family grievances or memories of when we felt bound to negative addictions, planting them firmly as clouded energy at the forefront of our minds.  These piercing reminders act as emotional triggers that keep us spiritually shackled and hinder our ability to embrace our highest dreams and wishes. Give yourself the chance to shift energy from the temperamental head down to the heart with the Heart Kit



Grounding oneself to Mother Earth is so important to stay present. When conflicting emotions whirl around us, distracting our spirit, we become disconnected from a clean and uplifted energy. Sitting outside, directly connected to the ground, is my favourite way to feel the divine energy of Mother Earth. The grounding connection allows her to cleanse and clear our energy of blockages. If sitting outside isn’t possible, ground yourself on the floor of your house and allow yourself to reconnect and calm yourself. Spritz I AM... GROUNDED over your body, which is a blend to bring you back to base and centre, connecting with the earth with a sense of peaceful strength. It supports you to hold your space and be your true self. 

"I am nourished, centred, grounded and tranquil. Peace is within me."


When the harmony and balance of one’s body and mind seem shaken, it’s important to clear energy portals to correct flow around the body. Notice the timing and location in the body of unbalanced energy and then consult the Meridian System found on our website to locate which of your 12 main lines of energy - or qi - are crying out to be rebalanced. I love to apply aromatherapy Meridian Blends to the specific acupressure point that’s bothering me to offset disharmony and rediscover my most peaceful, harmonious self.

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Allowing yourself to forgive yourself and those around you renews your soul and helps to usher in a clear and blessed space. When my energy feels clouded, a simple forgiveness meditation is my answer to birthing a fresh reality. To practice forgiveness meditation, sit comfortably, allow your eyes to close and your breath to be natural. Your body and mind can relax now. Gentle your breathing and keep your heart open. Hold a rose quartz crystal in your hand or against your heart and repeat the below until you feel yourself surrender to letting go.

AFFIRMATION: “I have carried this pain in my heart too long. To the extent that I am ready, I offer forgiveness. To those who have caused me harm, I offer my forgiveness, I forgive.”


Being with our loved ones this season, taking the time for healing and renewing our energies with the right holistic practices will helps us remain calm and clear into a new year - a chance for an unclouded and blessed emotional space.

We must harness nature’s healing tools to take hold of a trying time and allow it to metamorphosis into a replenished reality, like an arrow launching us into a brand new year of healing. Have faith, and enjoy the ride.

lots of healing love + light
Rach xo