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How to stay calm this holiday season

One of the most stressful times for a lot of people is Christmas.
It’s the most magical time of the year… you’re surrounded by your nearest and dearest, the food's in the oven, the champagne is open, presents have been exchanged, and then the squabbles begin. Why is it so hard to stay calm and have a relaxing time?

I often find myself in the position of being too busy running around and doing everything for everyone, but thankfully over the years I've discovered techniques and tricks to stay calm and connected to what's important.

Here are a few of the things you can do daily to stay focused and relaxed:

While it may seem like it's near impossible to find a moment of respite when there is so much to do and so many items to tick off your end of year list, scheduling moments of downtime into your day (be it 10 minutes or half an hour) can be a game changer. Stress is almost always embedded in past traumas or future worries so staying present in each moment is key. Create a calming ritual; spray I AM... BLISS around your auric field, light a candle, take deep breaths and sit with yourself. Let your mind chatter slowly come to a stop as you realise all is calm, all is bright.
Imagine seeing your thoughts as they arise in your mind. Look at them as a separate observer, and see how they flow from one to another, often out of habit. This is a great mindfulness exercise, and helps keep you separate from your emotions. You might be surprised by how much easier you find it to stay calm when you remember that you are not your emotions, and you don’t have to react to them. It’s your choice.
EMF radiation coupled with the blue light emitted by our phones and computers can majorly suppress our melatonin production and reduce our quality of sleep. Spend more time in the sunshine outdoors during such a busy time of year to plug into those natural endorphins, boost melatonin production and get some much needed Vitamin D while reducing screen time. You might also enjoy waking with the sun with a few sprays of Awakening Mist around your senses and bidding the sun farewell with Dream Mist gently spritzed across your body and pillow. Wake me up, Calm me down.
Christmas can be triggering for many of us. But instead of letting Great Aunt Judy’s hurtful comments about your weight or your business get to you, focus on how grateful you are to have your loved ones around. Think about all the great times you’ve spent with them, and forgive them for their small-mindedness or out-dated opinions. Nine times out of ten, people don’t realise that their words can cause you pain – and if they do, it’s better not to give them the satisfaction of getting a reaction from you. Rise above it.  Change the subject to something less painful, and smile as you do so. Most arguments can be avoided by changing the conversation before anything damaging is said. Focus on all the good, and all the good will come to you.
Often when we feel fearful, nervousness, impatience, frustration, restlessness, hypersensitivity physically and emotionally, armouring and depression around this time of year (especially feeling it more heightening between 3-5pm on a daily basis), it can indicate an imbalance in our Bladder Qi Energy Portal. Using our Bladder Meridian Blend (which contains cooling Sandalwood, known to be emotionally very calming and encourages “higher” states of consciousness) locate the energy point – on both sides of the spine, place thumbs on either side of your waist and your middle fingers will find the point. Roll the blend onto this bladder acupressure point and massage with finger tip (do not use if pregnant) to help boost energy levels. A sign that energy has been balanced includes feelings of respect, determination, willpower, ambitiousness and feelings of connectedness. Affirm: “I easily adapt and go with the flow of life.”
Even the most grounded among us can get caught up in the buzz of the season. If you find yourself forgetting the essence of this festive time try 'Earthing'.  The energy exchange of earthing has been practiced for thousands of years, among many cultures, and has overwhelming benefits. Like the name suggests, you literally become one with the earth by putting your body in direct, uninterrupted contact with the earth. This exercise requires that your skin touch the soil, sand, water, or a  surface that is in contact with the earth. This can be mean dipping your toes in the sand at the beach, walking in nature, going for a hike deep in the forest, swimming in a lake or the ocean, planting seeds (or replanting flowers) and digging in the dirt, or just walking through the grass barefoot. If you're strapped for time  and can't get outdoors, try spraying I AM... GROUNDED around your energy field. A rich, resinous and earthy scent, grounded is like taking a walk through the forest after rain and helps bring you back to base and centre, connecting with the earth with a sense of peaceful strength as you  be your true self.

May this be your most calm and celebratory Christmas yet.

Happy December Everyone!