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How to deepen your dream state


For centuries and throughout different cultures dreaming has been viewed as a gateway to another way of seeing either subconsciously or energetically. Dream work is a wonderful connection to your internality, often things that you’re unconsciously not aware of or upset about will be made evident and available to you through dreaming.

There are many practices that you can include in your night time or morning ritual so that you can more deeply connect to your dreaming landscape.

Here's one such routine that may help deepen your dream state.


1. Create a soft and beautiful space for intentional sleep; use the senses through low lighting and ourDream Mist misted over the auric field. You might also want to pop a few drops of Resilience Essential Oil Blend in a diffuser to relax, uplift and renew not only mind and spirit as you sleep, but also encourage the physical to relax and expand.

2. Turning on someTheta Wave music quietly to stimulate relaxing deeper brain wave states.

3. Pop on one of our Aromatherapy Eye Pillows to create to soothe and relax tired eyes, release facial tension and help the body return to a state of calm.

4. As part of your bedtime ritual create and state an intention to dream and tell your conscious mind that it is free to call in any wisdom it has for you and you are open to listening.

5. Using crystals like ourClear Quartz under your pillow may help to regulate your vibrations and remove negative influences from your dream state.

6. Breathe deeply as you slip into a cocoon of deep, restful sleep.

7. On waking, spritz Awakening over the crown of the head, body and then feet, and go straight into a seated meditation and allow any further wisdom for your dream self to integrate – sometimes it can be jarring to go right from dreaming to journaling so this is a nice bridge between states. 

8. When you are ready, sit with a journal and allow free-form writing to take over, pour out anything that you felt was significant in your dreams, or anything that comes to mind as an extension of these dreams. There are many dream analysis books and websites available, Jungian psychoanalysis is heavily based on dream interpretation – in a more natural way we suggest asking your dreams to speak to you without over analysing their content.

We hope you discover the inner wisdom you so seek. 

Relax, rejuvenate, deepen your healing, your meditation and dream further than you have ever imagined.