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How to conduct a Full Moon Manifestation Ritual

Have you felt the powerful energy of the recent full moon?

We are currently in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, which is the exact frequency needed to give us the cosmic push we have been waiting for so that we stop procrastinating and start focusing on putting our lives into gear by manifesting dramatic change.

Many of us will already have been feeling the fire, strength, and intensity emanating from the planetary movements, which may have caused us to feel as though something major is about to happen—and it is.

Sagittarius is representative of fire energy, and is a wild and adventurous sign which will be pushing us toward reaching our greatest wishes and dreams. If we have been hoping and praying for something incredible, now is the time to put in the hard work to make it happen and believe that it can and will.

But there's always an upheaval that has to occur in order for this to happen - the moon rules our emotions, and the full moon can amplify them dramatically, which can lead to a mix of miracles, mayhem—and, at times, madness. If this has been your reality for the last seven days, hang in there.

Due to the powerful lunar energy causing inner turmoil, many of us feel frazzled for the few days before and after the full moon but rest assured, this will pass and when the dust settles, the pot of gold will appear.

So much love + support to you dear ones 🌕


Full Moon Manifestation Ritual

Each month the full moon provides a powerful opportunity to reflect, shedding literal and figurative light on any inner blockages so we can accept, surrender and release them.

This ritual will help you tap into the moon’s energy and bring that sense of infinite possibility back into your life.

You'll Need:

Follow these steps:

1. Find a quiet place inside or outside where the moon is in sight. If this is not possible, simply open the windows to feel the cosmic energy.

2. Sage this area or burn palo santo around it in order to cleanse the vibrational energy.

3. Place your crystals in the glass of water beside your paper. You might wish to spritz some I AM... into this.

4. Roll out your yoga mat or cushion, and spritz your I AM... mist around the crown of your head and body.

5. Sit down and close your eyes in stillness for several minutes to connect to the moon's energy. You might want to play some relaxing music. A favourite tune of mine is here.

6. Now spend a few moments visualising of your best possible life. Feel it. See it. There are no limits here. With every inhale imagine that this dream life is saturating every cell of your body, and enveloping your inner being like a beautiful, warm blanket of loving kindness.

7. Once you open your eyes, start to jot down on your piece of paper what that feeling felt like. Ask yourself what quality you need to emanate or action you need to take in order to make this visualisation a reality. Let your intuition run wild. Don't worry about want is coming out - let your soul speak. A good writing cue is: "if fear wasn't an option I would..." or "I call in..." or "I am..."

8. Fold the piece of paper and place it underneath the glass. Place your hands around the glass in both hands to re-establish your connection with the moon, your crystals, your intentions on paper and ask her to imbue your vibrational with the quality or action you wish to cultivate. 

9. Bring your hands together at your heart centre and bow your head down in gratitude. This might bring up emotions, so let the tears roll if needed.

10 Leave the glass and slip of paper under the moonlight overnight or on a windowsill.  

11. In the morning as you remove these items, and feel their vibrational energy, thank the moon for her beautiful feminine power, energy and her assistance in helping you manifest your best possible life.

Get set for magical months ahead!

Will you be trying this Moon Manifestation ritual?

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