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How to charge HANAKO formulas under a full moon

Hanako Therapies Full Moon

Whenever a full moon rolls around, I use this as an opportunity to step outside and savour its awe-inspiring splendour. Breathing in the crisp air of the night sky, and relishing the heavens keeps me grounded, connected, centred.


With the approaching Supermoon - being the largest, closest and brightest moon in the sky since 1948 - we are offered a gateway portal and a powerful time to manifest all that we truly need for soul rebirth.

The sun is now in Scorpio. And, the sun represents us; our character and essence. The moon is in Taurus and represents our emotional needs.  Together, a yin and yang of solar and lunar harmony is created.

Despite its intensity, the Full Moon lunation brings one a feeling of being grounded and gentle in pursuit of one’s goals. The Taurus energy is all about awakening to your full potential to actualise your goals, dreams and wishes from hereon.



The full moon and the new moon are two opposing times of the month. When the moon is new, your energies cocoon. They lay dormant, growing in strength and voracity each time the moon rises anew.

But, when the full moon finally dawns upon the night sky, your inner spirit begins to emerge. Just as the moon pulls in the tide, she also stirs the energy within you.  This is the time to soak in all the lunar nourishment the moon in all its wonderful entirety releases, allowing your energies to manifest with the help of this great natural celestial body.

When the moon is full in all its grandness, it’s a time to release negativity, let go of bad tidings and recalibrate your spirit.


Here’s a sacred ritual to channel the healing powers of the full moon:

~ Choose your I AM... essence as this will uplift and energise your spirit, help you conquer your fears, stand strong in your centre and stay true to yourself and highest vision.  Spray it over the crown of your head and liberally all around your body.

~ Here is where you can supercharge your ritual thanks to full lunar energy. Rest your I AM... blend in the direct light of the full moon. Place a healing crystal akin to the bottle and leave overnight.

~ As you place the crystal and blend in the moonlight, hold your intention strong in your energy. Manifest what you want and hold onto the feelings of what it would be like when your desires come to fruition. Remember, this ritual is about cleaning your spirit and letting the full moon refresh your mind. Let the energy and intention flow through you, muster the courage to face what it is you’re feeling head on, and repeat the affirmation, “I am adventurous, fearless and courageous. I take heart centred action”



~ When you awaken, relish the celestial, lunar powers of the planets in your supercharged elixir. Let them envelop your senses. Through the light of the moon and supercharging power of the crystal, your blend will become infused with energy. 

This beautiful ritual allows the I AM...essence to soak up the awakening and invigorating strength of the moon, in turn allowing you to let the complete mystical power inspire and recharge your spirit. Tired bodies will feel energised, stifled spirits will be released and stricken minds will be renewed. This precious time of the month is one of my most cherished and one I honour.



As you bask in November's Supermoon, cherish the opportunity to release feelings, heal old hurts and emerge with a renewed outlook on life thanks to the healing power of Mother Nature’s night light.

lots of love + healing light,
Rach xo