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5 things my kids taught me this month

5 things my kids taught me this month

Together, Jeff and I, have had the boundless pleasure of diving into one of life’s greatest journeys: parenthood.

I learn something new everyday from Willow and Ginger's infinite, innocent delights and wonderments.

Being around them keeps me grounded and helps me foster abundant love and kindred connections with the universe.

They help me constantly grow and expand my mind and heart; and for mothers and fathers out there, I urge you to listen to what your children have to say - not just out loud, but vibrationally - and let their wonderfully adventurous minds & hearts fill yours with humble teachings and bountiful joy.


Here are some funny little lessons my girls have taught me this month:

Lesson One: Staying Present

It’s the minute you’re trying to get things done and not staying present with your children when you start to get anxious and project to a place beyond where you should be; right here. Be present, don’t let your mind slip away. Really being with your kids is way more enjoyable for you and for them. When you’re there in mind and body, they feel heard and nurtured. Whenever you start to feel your mind slip away, start paying attention to your thoughts, concentrate on your senses. Even leave little reminder notes around the house to keep you grounded in challenging moments.

Lesson Two: Be Patient

They say patience is a virtue for a reason. Remember, the world and the universe is a constantly new and evolving entity for your children. Put yourself in their shoes, in their minds, and just breathe though those moment that drive you mad. This teaches you to be patient with yourself. It’s about learning to slow down your life, take a deep breath, and repeat this affirmation to yourself, “Being patient is easy when I am focused in the present moment”.

Lesson Three: Be Enthusiastic

This is one of the greatest joys my babies give me - a truly infectious child-like enthusiasm for everything! The best way to tap into that mind-blowingly guileless enthusiasm you know is hidden somewhere deep inside you is by fully engaging with theirs. This is where your inner child comes out to play. Some of the most hilarious and carefree moments I’ve spent with my children are playing in the backyard, attempting to ride my two-year-old’s tiny tricycle, mum and kids both cackling with joy.

 Lesson Four: Why so serious?!

My personal motto, one my children remind me of every day, is: don’t take life too seriously. There is joy to be found in every moment, especially when you have the gift of exuberance your children give you. It’s possible to find the fun in everything when enjoying time with your kids. But for those not-so-easy times - school runs, dinner times … meal times in general - I keep a bottle of my Lavender Flower Essence on hand. Two drops under the tongue straight from the bottle reminds me to relax and enjoy the journey of life. It helps me to reconnect with the spirit of lightness and gives me the message, all is well. Great healing comes through laughter, play and dance and what better way to experience this than with my children.

Lesson Five: Unconditional Love

I always say to my daughter Willow (and when Ginger starts to speak, she’ll hear the same!), ‘you can tell me anything. I don’t care what you’ve done or what it is that you’re feeling, you can tell me.’ So when she comes to me and says, “Mummy I need to tell you something,” with bravery and boldness, I always tell her, “I’m so proud of you for speaking up,” and I remind her that I love her, and all my children, unconditionally. This teaches them to be unconditional with themselves and not punish themselves for any feelings they may be having. It teaches me to also hold myself in this unconditionally loving space and forgive myself moment to moment, no matter what.


There’s no limit to the lessons my children teach me day in and day out. I want to keep learning and growing with them and can’t wait to discover what else our journey together as mother and child will teach us. I am sure you feel the same.

lots of love + healing light
Rachel xo