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Divine HANAKO Facial Steam Bath Ritual

When trying to deepen my connection to the soul, I like to tap into the river of my inner knowing with a divine facial steam bath which helps me reclaim some ‘me time’ while replenishing the senses.

The act of purging through your pores symbolises ridding yourself of all that you no longer need, all that holds you down, in order to release yourself into a bright new being.

Our bodies have a strong impact on and ethereal connection to our spirits, and it’s a connection that we must tender and nurture in order for it to flourish.


HANAKO Pink Baby Rose Essence  HANAKO I AM... LOVE




  1. Infuse all of the ingredients in hot water and burn the sacred sage sticks around your body.
  2. Next, have a towel nearby and begin to hang your head over the bowl of water. Gently take the towel and cover your head and the entire bowl.
  3. Allow yourself to breath in all of the beautiful, sweet steamy mist. Very slowly, begin to adopt a rhythmic breath. Remember this at the forefront of your mind, each inhale calls in a clarity of body and mind, and each exhale releases static mind noise and begins the skin purge.
  4. Repeat this process and let the feeling of evolution deepen. Sit soaking in the energy you've created and releasing with every outbreath. Most importantly, listen to your inner goddess, what is she telling you? Heed her cries and let her direct your new spiritual motion.
  5. Willingly release all that wants to escape and mentally & physically embrace your revived persona with your own personal mantra tailored to your intentions.

A monthly facial steam is my not-so-secret mind, body and soul retreat. Each time I indulge in this practice, I feel like a completely new woman. Try it – you’ll see.

lots of love + healing light
Rachel xo