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The Birth of Hanako Therapies

It’s amazing what can happen when you embark on a journey with no expectations, not knowing where it will lead, what will happen or how things will turn out. All we knew is that we needed to take the leap, and trust the universe. We had just moved from Sydney Australia 5 months earlier and we were now living in Los Angeles USA. Exciting, fun and also challenging all at the same time, especially being away from your support network when you have a little 2 year old. Changing houses is enough let alone moving countries...... But what a journey .....

We had decided midyear that we would embark on a 6 week road trip that Jeff and I had wanted to do since 2009. With a 2 year old some may think that’s a little crazy and that’s not to say we too had wondered how this would go down, sitting in a car driving around the countryside with an active 2 year old. However ‘hands up in the air’ for not listening to the fears and we went ahead and planned our trip.

Before we left, I had to find something for Willow, who suffers from carsickness.  After unsuccessfully scouring health food shops and pharmacies for natural child friendly remedies, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Having a Diploma in Energetic Healing and having started studies in Aromatherapy and Apothecary I began putting a blend together for digestion and upset stomachs, using pure essential oils, gem and plant essences, 100% organic jojoba oil and sealing it in a Mantra. I wanted each ingredient that went into the blend to support her not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually. Welcome to the birth of Happy Tracks.

With the car jam packed, (can you imagine the order and organisation you need when travelling for 6 weeks, every few days sometimes daily we’d be in and out of new hotel rooms. Let me tell you, we quickly learned our system, which usually meant Willow riding on top of the filled to the brim luggage trolley) we set off on our adventure.

At the beginning of each day before we set out I would rub this little blend onto her feet, wrists and tummy, and would keep it in arms reach for whenever she needed a top up. The result was incredible. Not once did I need to reach for the bucket and get the cloth ready. One day we spent 5 hours winding and bending around the mountains after we chose to take the coastal scenic route. There was no turning back once we started, the views were absolutely stunning but..... I too was grabbing the old Happy Tracks.  It’s now a little treasure that stays in the hand bag, along with all my other Mary Poppin bag filled things. Let’s face it, mothers have stuff and it’s when you decide to take that one thing out..... you’ll need it.

This little blend then expanded to my Mum, who was a little sceptical when I first placed this blend in her hands but after years of stomach upsets anything is worth trying. Let’s just say mother nature agrees with her, after years of suffering from terrible digestive problems and having only 20% bowel left, she found with frequent applications the cramping eased, the tummy calmed down and feels better.

This was the beginning of a 32 product range.....Hanako Therapies was born.  Once I acquired a taste for working with all these delicious natural elements, essential oils and their energy I couldn’t stop experimenting.... and still can’t.

The moral to the story.... Take chances, take the risks. Sometimes we have no idea why we have these urges to go new places or try new things. In fact at the time we feel these urges we’re not meant to know why or how things will turn out. That would take away from the learning, growing and expansion. What we are meant to do is follow the signs that ignite our heart and the path will unfold as it’s meant to.