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Hug Therapy

                                             Give yourself a hug, and I mean a big one!

We live in a ridiculously fast paced world, and every day is all about business or that dreadful word 'busyness'. We are so 'busy' - ticking off to do lists, making sure we keep our focus on the prize, the achievement at the end of the journey. The trouble is though, we are SO focused on the end of the journey that we forget to stop and celebrate the little things. 

How often do you simply say to yourself 'this is amazing! Look how far I have already come!'

We don't give ourselves any appreciation, or love, or gratitude for the fact that we have made it this far, which in my book is an achievement in itself. We don't take time out for reflection, and to think about how awesome we are. In short, we don't give ourselves a hug - whether it be a mental or physical one. 

If your focus is on keeping those balls in perpetual motion, maintaining that juggling act, then it's time to set aside some moments for the sanctity of self. Give yourself that hug - give yourself thanks for all that you manage to achieve in a day. 

Here's a little exercise to try:

Sit cross legged on the floor

Feel the connection of your base to the earth.

Feel the expansion all around.

Now wrap your arms around yourself giving yourself a beautiful warm hug;

Bring your attention to the area in between your shoulder blades and feel the back of your heart open up.Stay here, slow the breath down and breathe long and deep, letting go of any out of date beliefs, negative thought patterns and energies that are no longer serving you.

Surrender into your arms, feel the warmth of your heart.Now gently close the eyes and bring your attention to your heart and give thanks and appreciation for all that you are and all that you do.You are love and you are beautiful.

When you are ready feel yourself grounded back in the room, on the floor and slowly open your eyes and smile.

When we connect with the peace within we are then able to carry this with us throughout our day.

Isn't this a great, warm way to help celebrate the journey as well as the destination?