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Flower Power

Have you ever noticed the amazing instant energy lift you get when you buy fresh cut flowers for yourself, or for a friend or loved one? For me, just walking into a flower shop is a feel good moment in itself. Those of us who are lucky enough to have space and time to grow our own beautiful blooms are doubly blessed, because surrounding oneself with ‘flower power’ is a natural path to happiness. Think of how good it feels sitting in a garden, head tilted back to the sun, with the smell of fresh cut grass and summer roses in the air.
It’s not by accident (excuse the pun) that we give flowers to people who are sick in hospital, or in care. There is inevitably an instant reaction when those we love catch sight
 of our offerings – their faces light up! I experienced this 2 weeks ago when visiting my 99-year-old great aunt. After many strokes her speech has gone, and she is quite hard to understand - but the minute I walked in with a fresh bunch of flowers, her eyes lit up and her voice went up a notch in excitement. Why? Because flowers hold the power to higher frequencies, that in turn resonate with our own energy, helping to uplift and shift the energy inside us to match theirs.
This may sound a bit pie in the sky to some people, but you think about the reaction you have the next time you smell a lily, or pick up a bunch of Spring daffodils.
The power is in the flowers! So embrace your inner flower child – and like Emerson’s Mother Earth, laugh and love with the petals.