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23 reasons why you should forgive today

letting go kit
"As long as you don't forgive, who or whatever it is will occupy a rent-free space in your mind." - Isabelle Holland
Imagine what it's like to carry around a heavy set of bricks on your shoulders. Everywhere you go, to work, to the bathroom, to a family event, the bricks are weighing you down. As time goes on, your body would start to bear the brunt of the burden by way of physical pain, aches and even emotional distress. 
I don't know about you, but the idea of carrying around such a weight is pretty exhausting and unthinkable. And yet, so many of us do carry around heavy burdens of hurt, judgment, anger, jealousy and resentment towards others and ourselves wherever we go. Ironic, isn't it?

The wisdom of forgiveness of others and yourself, is an act of true bravery and self-love that allows you to put the heavy bricks down and heal naturally and compassionately.
By forgiving, surrendering and letting go you can radically change the world in which you live and adopt a perspective of peace and unity.

While forgiveness doesn't excuse the wrong behaviour of others, it does give you the freedom to experience unconditional love and unlocks the shackles of ongoing subconscious pain and fear from around your wrists and ankles.

To forgive is to start living from your truth, as opposed to reacting from fear and pain. 
Here are 23 reasons why forgiveness and letting go is an act of divine intervention and true, innate joy:
1.  Forgive because you want the spaciousness inside to love.
2. Forgive so you can let go of any baggage weighing you down.
3. Forgive so you can relinquish control and stop blaming others. 
4. Forgive so you can be free of the past, and travel wherever you want, unafraid of who or what you might see on the way.
5. Forgive to allow spaciousness inside to love.
6. Forgive to dissipate hurt and embody compassion and peace instead.
7. Forgive, to avoid the distraction of comparison and judgment.
8. Forgive to soften and choose love over revenge.
9. Forgive to accept the choices of others and the choices of yourself.
10. Forgive to purify your soul and stop clinging to a long ago story.
11. Forgive to attract abundance over scarcity.
12. Forgive to raise your vibration and alter your energetic frequency.
13. Forgive to give yourself permission to walk away and set boundaries.
14. Forgive to welcome the possibility and practice of healing.
15. Forgive to release the demons from your psyche.
16. Forgive to detach from the suffering of others.
17. Forgive to let go of being right in favour of being happy.
18. Forgive to accept life exactly as it is, in this moment.
19. Forgive to breathe in life force and breathe out negativity.
20. Forgive to celebrate each moment and open your heart to imperfection.
21.   Forgive to stop thinking of what you have to be and allow the true you to resurface.
22. Forgive to embrace your differences and show the world who you really are.
23. Forgive because you are worthy.
Forgiveness is not always an easy process. But it is always possible for those who have faith.

{RITUAL}: Allow The Letting Go Kit to open your heart, release your grasp on your story and assist in healing the wound. Whether it's grief, trauma, sickness or pain; whether it's  the sadness , the regrets and guilt; the four vibrational elixirs will assist.
Pink Baby Rose Essence(two drops under the tongue) will help in the healing of the heart by reminding us that all that has been, all that is and all that is to come is done with unconditional love. 
I AM… SUPPORTED will encourages resilience by enhancing your inner strength, and helping to release pain and hurt.
-The duo of Meridian Blends of the Metal Element corrects and aligns the Lung and Large Intestinemeridian lines to assist with self-acceptance and self-love, one of the main aspects of letting go and forgiveness.
Repeat affirmation: "It is safe for me to let go of any sadness and pain, I nurture my beautiful self during this time. I am loved and I accept, inner strength and peace fill my being."
May you be peaceful. May you be loved and loving. And may you be free.
lots of love + healing light
Rach xo