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What the moon can teach us about ourselves

Living with and according to Moon cycles, listening to the Moon, and learning from Her has given me some of the most precious spiritual gifts I have ever received.

You see, the moon is a beautiful entity that asks for nothing in return for its magnificent splendour.

It goes through phases much like we do, sometimes showing off it’s full face, shining brighter with each passing minute. Other times it shows nothing but darkness.

Each phase, while it brings change, does not alter its majesty.

The moon forces us to confront our hidden depths and unconscious desires. It brings to the surface what needs to end and be released, including emotional attachments, old patterns, and people who are no longer aligned on our path.

It teaches us that only by delving into the deeper parts of ourselves and being willing to show who we are in real life, we can then live authentically and in complete alignment with our true selves.

Moon magic is not just to be tried on New Moons and Full Moons. It is a holistic process—a circle of all the spectrums of us and our energy.

Our subconscious and our intuition are some of our greatest helpers. The Moon is a symbol of our emotions, our subconscious, our dreams, and our intuition. When we begin seeing these qualities as a superpower we all possess, we can greatly shift our reality. We can reprogram our thought patterns, over time. 

When we begin to investigate and experiment with all of the elements we have available within us as reflected in a Moon cycle, we can see our dreams, our issues, our goals, our challenges, as all linked together. This cycle highlights the choices we have available, and with all the levels of our consciousness, we step into the spectrum of our power and magic.

Rach xo



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