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A return to radiance

Why this image, of the all-encompassing sun?

To remind you of your radiance.

Of the effervescent being that lives within you.

To invite you to get back in touch with your innate luminosity.

So that it may shine out into the world and anoint others with its potent vibrancy.

This weekend’s self care for me is:

+ Replacing the doing with being; carving out alone time to simply sit still and breathe
+ Tasting the abundant nectar of wholesome organic food derived from Mama N
+ Sipping herbal broths and warming my insides with healing tisanes
+ Smiling. Laughing.
+ Dancing. Moving. Consciously, not aimlessly.
+ Allowing room for mistakes and imperfections
+ Sacred family time outdoors (away from screens)
+ Giving the house a nice big palo santo cleanse
+ Alchemising, mixing, brewing elixirs steeped in loving intention
+ Turning my face to The Sun and simply thanking her for another day of breath
+ Sleeping soundly under the gentle incandescent glow of the moon and revelling in a peaceful dream state beyond the what if’s, the coulds and shoulds
+ Counting my blessings and wrapping myself in a blanket of gratitude
+ Connecting back to source energy through prayer and mantra
+ Disconnecting to Reconnect
+ Just Being

What does this weekend’s self care look like for you?

It could be something big or small... something as simple as taking a nice long bath or cooking without the distraction of a phone or tv.

Just don’t forget to take care of the most important person in the world (you!)

Rach x



Image: pinterest