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Heal Negativity in your Life with Positive Affirmations

If you find yourself absorbed in your loud worries and wound up with stress, it is easy to forget how to listen to what’s truly important in your life. The mind is the ruler of your energy – our vital life force. As Buddha said “rule your mind or it will rule you”.

In order to escape the habit of getting caught up in the endless mindless chatter you need to change your mindset, to calm your mind and reflect, only then will this bring happiness to your heart and life.

Using positive daily affirmations to assist in breaking bad habits can have a real influence on healing negativity in your life. Many people may see it as a pointless exercise with little reward, but that’s simply because you may not know how to get started, or once started don’t see immediate results and thus give up too quickly.

So, what is an affirmation? Put simply, affirmations are statements we make to ourselves that can be either positive or negative. Throughout the day our head is churning through to-do lists and chatter, all of which could be seen as affirmations, subconsciously however through all this chatter we are creating our own experiences and when we channel our energies into negative thoughts we could in fact be stopping ourselves from achieving our potential.

To turn this around, you need to start consciously practicing positive affirmations to train your brain towards a more positive mind.

Create Affirmations That Mean Something To YOU

Start by thinking about areas of your life you would like to improve, such as your health, work, relationships, money etc. Think about each in turn and write down a positive statement to sum up how you would like this area of your life to be, focusing on what you do want versus what you don’t, e.g. “I Have a healthy body and happy mind,” or “Money flows easily and naturally into my life,” “I have a happy, loving relationship with my partner.”

Use Affirmations Daily

Affirmations should be repeated constantly, on a daily basis so they transition from habit to subconscious. Dedicate moments in your day, such as brushing your teeth to remind yourself of affirmations. Another is to write them on pieces of paper and leave them around your home where you will see them and be reminded throughout your day.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up When Things Go Wrong

Positive affirmations can be difficult to master, it’s important not to beat yourself up when you catch negative thoughts slipping into your mind.

Recognise that negativity, simply observe the thoughts, see the thoughts and work towards changing them. You can overcome this ongoing battle by sending love to yourself when you find yourself immersed in negative thinking, try by saying something like, “I see you, thank you for pointing that out but I now choose happiness”. The negativity will lose the pull because you’ve given it attention, acknowledged it but then changed it.

When we turn off the negative head chatter we start to feel more peaceful and harmonious.

We don’t have knee jerk reactions because we are calm in the mind and heart. We make better and more heart centred choices and we find life around us reflecting our new state of mind.

So, keep working towards maintaining positivity, by continued practice and continue to evolve your affirmations to reflect the changes and values in your life. Remember… what we think we become. It is the law of attraction.